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Movie critics have become a huge part of the movie-going experience. They can almost dictate whether or not you see a movie, from your local theater to an independent cinema, but what are they really?

A movie critic is someone who writes film reviews or other articles about films. There are many different types of film criticism, including technical analysis, sociological analysis and textual analysis. Different types of critics are more suited to different types of publications. A technical writer, for example, would not be able to write a critical interpretation of a film.

Movie critic is not to be confused with the more generic term “critic”, which generally refers to someone who has expertise in a particular field. The film critic, like all other critics, holds a special kind of expertise, but it does not constitute a “general” one.  In some cases, the larger meaning of “critic” has been used in place of “movie critic”. A notable example is the film critic’s review at rottentomatoes.com

The primary function of a movie critic is to write reviews and analysis about cinema for an established publication or newspaper or online platform. This can include writing about movies that are released in cinemas, as well as television and music videos.

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