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UNHINGED Review: Should You Take Risk of Going to Theaters

Unhinged is the thriller mystery of the 2020s. One of the terrifying, violent, gripping movies, the storyline is very realistic. The movie is a morality tale of respect, patience, and understanding.

A well made with action that has you gripping your chair from beginning to end .


With the intensity in the movie, Russell played a fantastic role. With his superb acting, the edits and visuals are balanced to create the tension.

Directed by Derrick Borte, the cast and crew played a great performance. The whole plot revolves around how after the confrontation with an unstable man, a woman becomes the target of his rage.

The boastful and craziness of the main lead, Russel is well played by Tom Cooper and how his craziness is depicted in the first scene defines the whole plot. The character‘s image is shaped by receiving the end of his divorce. The triggers of Crowe’s character are only highlighted in the background news report. So, it helps add a bit of empathy that he’s not just the psycho bad guy. The tension and the fading background is enough to keep the plot interesting.

It looked like it was filmed in Sunshine, Victoria on a Low Budget, in the hope, the shock value of the physically violent male character, played by a nice guy in real life that it may distract the audience long enough before the film ended predictably.