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Mandalorian is one of the original and obsessive series ever made. It’s cool how they have expanded on the Mandalorian culture, and the title, the character is so perfect and lavish. The Mandalorian is a Lucasfilm masterpiece.

Jon Favreau cracked the code of what makes something feel like the original star wars trilogy: A non –dialogue-dependent story that simple snough to unfold slowly and slowly for the audience to relish the aged future atmosphere.


Pedro Pascal absolutely nails the character and the supporting cast is flawless. He has outdone his past performance in this performance. He has achieved what many actors and actresses that we rightfully applaud for their actions would be hard-pressed to match. His effort to make Mando a speechless Mandalorian is astounding. Although it is entirely possible that we will never see his face on – screen, he seemingly effortlessly is able to use his body and sparse dialogue to vividly emote as he interacts with a wide range of ‘ scum and villainy, as well as a surprising and potentially huge future protagonist in a future installment.

Some of the setups in the plot present an interesting wrinkle to the storyline trajectory that the sequel trilogy is endeavoring to craft for Rey as well as the plotline involving Ben Solo /Luke Skywalker.

Mando and his quiet nature are lovable. He is a seriously skilled character. And those defeated signs and helm tilts just add so much more to the character. Yoda is so adorable and gets into much mischief .

Gina Carano – the badass

Gina Carano ( playing Cara Dune )  a total powerhouse, is so badass and Gina literally is absolutely perfect playing her. Her act in the series is much more than a female kept to promote the series. Hoping to see her more as the series develops.

While the should just ride on Baby Yoda’s popularity and cute face, and still be good, the Mandolorian is a fun, exciting, western / space fantasy adventure, that brings back the Star Wars spirit that has been lost for a while. The characters have unique personalities that bring you right back into this wondrous universe. The effects are amazing and beautifully detailed. It gives a look at a side of the Saga that people haven’t got to see much of before. Every chapter/ episode is filled with action and new characters who add a new piece. The dialogues are so genuinely –spoken while the storyline is original, fluid, and engaging. THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY NEEDED SINCE THE FIRST RELEASE OF STARWARS IN 1978.