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The animation this season is on another level. The episode reveals that there are going to be funky pops of crystal Morty, lobster rick, was Rick and Morty, fascist rick and Morty, and red meeseeks .

The episode was crazy.Hilarious and amazing.

100 years of Morty screwing himself .


Boglins were real toys, a kind of puppet thing from the 80s and 90s. The Boglins monster is probably a call to that mutant thing rick killed before he tried to off himself in the garage when the hive- mind lady dumped him.

The ferrofluid scene at the end was so intense, they had to get another animation to help out finish it.

Fascist Theme

The fascist theme was so funny. The creators also paid that off with a terrible super pc hologram twist at the end too.

The first fascist world was due to the gear wars that gearhead always talked about. He never really speaks about what exactly happened, but if you look at the fascist flag on the first dimension, it is two wrenches, something a gear wold have itself concerned with.

Furthermore, the gearhead appears in the back of the car, and why? Because of the gear wars.

Due to this, Gearler and the other gear Liz went onto conquer the universe, all the way to earth. Yes, this may seem extreme, but what’s Rick and Morty is about.

Diable Reference

The fact that the stone Morty put in his head is a reference to a diable soul stone and the dark traveler planting it in his forehead, then the stone will give him even more vison and will corrupt him to the core. Before being an akika reference , it was a diable reference.



Riverdale used to be a comic book and all the characters used to be all happy and now the characters are very much different .before they used to be a comic book series but 76 years later, it is a Netflix series.

The last season(season ) started with the game griffins and gargoyles. G&G, a game that kills people and gives them quest to do and if they don’t succeed the quest , they get haunted by the gargoyle king or they have to drink from the poisoned chalices.

Season 4 by the time you make it to the middle of the season, you won’t think there is a need for season 4 but just wait till episode .it’s shocking. It’s a lovely mix of drama, mysteries, and romance. True, the drama can be sometimes a little out of hand and unrealistic, but it’s still interesting and makes you want to know what happens next.

 One of the main reasons the show is watchable is the couples .some LGBTQ couples are featured and some couples that you just can’t love.

Overall the show is surprisingly enjoyable plus mysterious and the experience that you get with the cast and the fanbase is unlike any other. There are a lot of things about the show that you’ll just have to see for yourself.

What’s there in Season 4?

Solid start, repeating a similar phase of weaker episodes after the midseason finale but from episode 7, it became yet again more interesting, some loose ends which are found struggled to see how will all fit into the last episode of the season (episode 9) but still overall were very enjoyable.

However, the two biggest issues with the series were it containing one of the worst episodes of the entire show being its’ musical episode; lacking any movement of the story, and Kevin’s endeavor to perform Hedwig just canceling out halfway through the episode. Finally, the mental health aspects of the show from season‘s antics could have been explored more or maybe just better in this season. The way Toni grasps having Jason’s dead corpse around her house and Cheryl’s attachment seemed unbelievable but in Riverdale ‘coo-coo bananas’ is the norm, so it didn’t affect the enjoyment of the show.

Each episode has so much going on and so much to unpack it leaves you wanting more and more than when you finish. The story unfolding is in the perfect amount without wanting more or feeling like something was left out.

Season 4 is even better than the last hit season 3. They do stuff about the farm .toni, mad dog, and Reggie gets more screen time. There are fresh new mysteries.jughead at least provides some sense of mystery rather than pure glory and a heroic type of persona.

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Rick and Morty: what’s there in season 4?

Rick and Morty redefine the concept of irreverent humor. Dark, Zany, quick-witted dialogue with consistently original plot lines drives this masterfully creative sci-fi /comedy to previously unscaled heights.

Justin Roland and Dan Harmon have quite ingeniously created a setting in which anything can take place without betraying the show’s astonishingly consistent dynamic.

The line between genius and mediocrity especially pertains to comedy, is incredibly thin.

At a time, when we are bombarded with a constant tumult of artistically vapid content, RICK AND MORTY is a breath of crisp, fresh air

The manner in which it is formulated means the writers can take it anywhere they like, without betraying its’ very strong sense of identity.

Rick and Morty is so deliberately random , so broad and yet so myopic in its vision.


The first episode was a kind of surrealistic show, without the mastermind control that Rick always had on the events.

Magic was introduced and accepted as a reality of the world. Rick acknowledged that he really liked that and scientific rules and excessive care in the realm of magic.

So, the world of this episode is cryptic, having also a cat that talks without his mouth ever moving, making us feel uncomfortable whether it is talking or it’s just a hallucination.

Maybe, we can say this whole season has gotten a more magical metaphysical perspective of the world. In contrast to the previous seasons that represented material sciences as the only logical explanation of the world.

In the first episode, we have Morty as a metaphor for the servants of God. Those who only walk where God has set forth for them and through this surrounding will become God-like figures who cannot be killed and who can know people’s secrets.

Look at where the death stone is located. It is on the Ajna Chakra or the third eye as a reference to Buddhist beliefs in an intuitive possibility of human minds.

Next, we have in episode two in this season, a depiction of paradise. Sure this is a paradise made by Rick. But anyway, the very representation of a paradise can implicate a movement toward the topics of metaphysics in this episode of Rick and Morty.


As long as the writers are able to maintain the sense of endless possibility they have so deftly created. While continuing the show’s uniquely original, very self-aware sense of humor, without becoming tired and hackneyed in a manner similar to that which befell The Simpsons, they could keep this going in perpetuity.

The challenge will be to keep up the pace and retain their trademark nonsensically, acerbic wit without becoming predictably unpredictable to the point these characters become tiresome, dull, and boring.