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 Overload is the anime which breaks the border of a hero in a dark way.

 Overload really shines in the novels. The main appeal of Overload is the characters and world-building. Each person has their own personality and storyline that is both affected by Ains and is content to grow without him.

The world of Overload works on this sort of video game logic where Aniz, as the player, has all the cards, and everyone outside Nazarick is functionally an NPC, and so the only incentive that Ainz could even have is to ‘play the game’.But if he tries to play the game, he’s too over-leveled which makes ‘the game ‘ pretty boring. So he does traditional Isekai stuff as Momon and leaves everything to his subordinates.

Ainz is just an average office worker while the Guardians are these timeless, infinitely powerful entities that Ainz can’t possibly measure up to. So he has to just do stuff and hope that whatever he’s doing will be given value by the Guardians, because if it ever isn’t and Nazarick as to turn on him, he’d be dead and have lost everything that he holds dear.

Season 3 was decent because of the different perspectives but it quickly becomes boring because the main character and his minions are so overpowered. There is literally no threat, no tension.

What can happen in Season 4?

The greatest asset to the show is the cast. It‘s very expansive while still being able to have individual characters with their own motivations, goals, and relationships.

Following these many other characters also negates the bad side effects of having an overpowered character that you always know is going to win.

As in these sides, characters face much more traditional struggles of overcoming challenges and hurdles.

In fact, it’s very similar to One Punch Man’s hero association where you have no idea if the hero you’re following at that time will actually be able to win, which can provide an underdog story that many people prefer.

Along with a diverse cast , there is actually growth amongst characters .

Cocytus and Sebas both have their own arcs within season two, and Momonga himself has ‘growth ‘ as a character as he slowly looses more and more of his humanity.

The world in which Overload is built is also very thought .