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If you are an Anime fan, Dr. stone needs no introduction. It is the highly anticipated adaption of one of the most popular manga today. Written by RIICHIRO INAGAKI and illustrated by BOICHI, the plot is based on a 16-year-old genius named Senku Ishigami. He is suddenly revived to find himself in a world where all traces of human civilization have been eroded at time. This incident prompts him to do further discovery.

As a manga fan,there are two things that raised Dr. Stone as a fantastic read.

The First Thing is the Science

It hasn’t really reared its head properly in the anime yet, but the methodology for problem-solving leads to some amazing, epic moments (which were stunningly drawn in the mangal; not sure how they‘ll handle it in the anime form).


The other part is the nature of each character, and how differently they actually think. Listing an example used in terms of book smarts and scientific principles but still knows that” grapes ferment into wine”.He couldn’t tell you WHY it happens, but he knows the practical effect and how to get it to happen , which makes him a surprisingly effective problem solver provided he has the necessary steps or ingredients needed.

And the amazing thing is,wach depicted character is a snowflake of thought and problem-solving capability. Senku created new gadgets or technology to solve problems using his advanced Einstein –worthy brain. Tsukasa is a martial artist and a strategist (WON’T SAY HOW OR WHY). Yuzuriha is skilled with her hands and good at getting to the heart of a problem. And as you’ll see, all the other characters will get a different consideration. Some approach a problem head-on. Others use trickery. Others run away. Some stick to protocol. Others buck trends due to curiosity. They are all different.

Of course, the petrification mystery is cool, too. But the heart of the story is the beauty and spectacle of human thought, and how each character will bring a different angle to solving the problems they face.


While personally I got hyped the moment when we met Senku and saw that the anime was going to be a ride for clever and scientific lessons on survivability, I also realized how niche that kind of hype was. To sum it up, it’s not the people are hyped about an aspect of the series that is new, but rather because as a new series among all the other “entertaining but meh” animes, it brings back that feeling of old times when Isekai and Fanservice were kinda uncommon traits, not the norm.