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Lauren Christine German, also known as Lauren German is an awesome actress with her greatness shown at comedy and drama scenes. The actress had her first major role in the 2002 romantic drama film A WALK TO REMEMBER. She gained recognition in the famous American Fantasy Comedy Drama, LUCIFER where she played the role of Detective Chloe alongside Tom Ellis AKA Lucifer. Born on November 29, 1978, Huntington Beach, California, United States, Lauren despite being 41 years of age, Lauren slew her roles with her uniqueness and lavishing beauty.

The actress is best known for her performance as Leslie Shay on the series Chicago Fire in 2012.

LAUREN began starring in the Fox Show Lucifer as Chloe as both had uncompetitive chemistry and romance on the show. Along with many of the fantasy, comedy shows, Lauren also appeared in the horror movies like Hostel: Part 2 and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The actress’s first work was on stage in Peter Pan and Oliver. She made her feature film debut in the 2000 romantic comedy DOWN TO YOU, where she had a small role as a lovestruck woman.

Lauren had been in many of the crimes drama shows like The THRILLER (2015), and also the romantic comedy-drama Standing Still(2005) and many more like IT IS FINE! EVERYTHING IS FINE(2007), WHAT WE DO IS SECRET.


In addition to her acting career, the actress does have an interesting dating life. She dated a Baseball player, BARRY ZITO. Although there were rumors of the secretive relation going on between Tom Ellis and  Lauren German, after Tom ties know with her Longtime Girlfriend Meaghan Oppenheimer on 2 JUNE 2019, the rumors were proved false. Besides, Lauren congratulated the couple on social media.

While the 40-years-old actor got married, the actresses do not seem to be married or have any children. The star has not posted anything related to her personal life on social media. Only The pictures of her and a beloved dog named PEPPER were seen. In addition, Lauren keeps hanging out with all of her friends and post the picture along. The actress is a close friend with Lucifer co-star Lesley –Ann Brandt.


With the net worth of approx $ 1 Million, the actress is also an Anthropologist. She attended LOS ALAMITOS HIGH SCHOOL and ORANGE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. Thereafter, she as enrolled at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, where she studied ANTHROPOLOGY.