movies like taken

I mean I really shouldn’t call them “movies,” but I just can’t help myself. It turns out, these are just movies. And all of them are really good. But not as good as, or better than, “taken.

The first movie that I saw was, “My Heart Leaks Down”. The story was basically about a man (you see him in the movie) who is called in to an interrogation room to help him find a girl who might be pregnant; he’s given her a card and after she’s given the card, he starts to open her eyes and say, “Oh shit…” and the girl is then given a birthday present.

The movie was based on a real-life scenario, a real-life experience of a man walking into a secret room. The guy is supposed to be a vampire with a big cock and a gun in his hand and then the vampire takes the gun and starts laying a hole in the girl’s head. He’s a vampire, he doesn’t have a gun. The vampire then goes back to the guy and starts trying to get her out of the room.

the problem is that it’s only the man in the room and not the girl. And as much as I like the movie, I feel like you have to give the guy a gun if you want to make a movie. You also need to tell the vampire that the girl is a vampire and she needs to get out of the room.


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