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Divergent is a movie that I feel you should see at least one time. The lead character, played by Ryan Gosling, is a young man who has been raised by a family of witches. He has developed a deep fascination with the occult and believes that the people who raised him are the “good witches”. When they refuse to tell him where he came from, he begins to question the way the world is.

The plot is actually pretty decent, but the director, Neil Burger, is not a particularly good director. He had some very good ideas for the film, but as is often the case when you have a director who is not particularly good, the result is a fairly weak movie. The film is essentially based on a book written by Veronica Roth, who is an author who writes in a very “dark” and “creepy” style. She also writes about witches who are very violent.

Divergent is a very dark film that is not scary enough. Instead of being horror films like the first two movies, and the first two books, it is actually about the psychology of people who are divided into groups, and it explores the process of growing up divided and then coming back together. But it doesn’t really explore the darkness and the darkness that leads to people dying. Instead, it is more about the process of self-discovery.

The first movie is about a young boy, and the second movie is about a boy who turns into a girl. Neither are as bad (not really) as the first two movies, but neither as good as the last two books.

I can’t recommend the last movie enough. This book is about how things are like we think they are. And how we think we are so different than how we actually are. The book is about how we think we’re better than how we are, and how we’re bad. I love that its a book about how we really are, but also about how we are, and how we are not. It’s a good mix of realistic storytelling and fictional representation.

Divergent is a sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian future. We find ourselves in the middle of a war between two groups as they try and kill each other off. The first movie was about how we all like to think we’re better than we are, but really we’re not. In the new movie we have the chance to learn from our mistakes and how to work together for the greater good. If you’ve never seen the books, I recommend you check them out.

Not so much. The movie is about the people in the film, and it’s about them and their emotions. The movie is about the person in the movie who is really trying to do more than just make a living. It’s about the people who are actually going to die, but they have to do it. The movie is about the people who are being sent from their own little corner of reality, but who are actually living as they should be.

The movie is about all this because its about the people who are going to die and the people who are actually going to live. A lot of movies use this as an excuse for the main character to be selfish and self-centered, and not so much about the people who are actually going to die. Divergent is a movie about people who are dying, but they are doing it for different reasons than the main characters.

Divergent is about everyone dying for a reason, but they are the exception. It shows the difference between people who are truly good or truly evil. And it makes the comparison between the characters and the main characters in the movie even more difficult. The main characters are doing good deeds, but they are also doing evil deeds. The only way that makes sense is if you consider that a human being can only ever be what they are because they have to be.

While Divergent is a film that is, at heart, about a young girl who is very good and a young boy who is very evil, it’s about more than that. It’s about the way that people go through their lives and how they make choices that ultimately change them for the worse. We see it all the time when we watch movies. The main characters all do good deeds, but they also do evil deeds.


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