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Meet our Team

Paul Garza


Paul is working as the senior editor of the business column. It has been 8 years since he has been giving his time to this organization. His writings are deliberately very unique, and hence these articles are full of facts and information that are valuable for all the categories of people who has a business in their mind. When taking a break, Paul loves to go through the stock market news and keep himself updated with the recent breakthroughs.

Address: Watertown, New York.
Phone: +1 315-569-4201
Email: [email protected]

Donald Foy

Donald is working as the team lead for the technology column. He handles all the articles related to technology. He is very solemn when it comes to editing the articles. His way of editing is entirely manual, and he searches out even the little errors and makes the articles perfect and flawless. His articles reflect the present scenario of the gadget market. He has been giving the same flawless performance for 6 years.

Address: New Rochelle, New York.
Phone: +1 315-879-6325
Email: [email protected]

Elisa Brown

Elisa has been handling the science section, she is very efficient about her work, and her articles are the food for the mind. She is passionate about her work and focuses entirely while writing or editing. Apart from this, she is also a great team leader and always coordinates with her team members. She loves reading books in her free times. Since 6 years she has been working with us.

Address: Mount Vernon, New York.
Phone: +1 315-748-2332
Email: [email protected]


Noreen Aguilar

Noreen is working as the lead of the health column. Her articles are mainly about living a healthy lifestyle, which she also maintains and inspires, many. She is also a motivational speaker. In her free times, she loves to read about bizarre ways of holding up a healthy form of life. She is a very decent and gentle woman and is admired by all. It has been 7 years since she has been working for this organization.

Address: Schenectady, New York.
Phone: +1 315-254-7415
Email: [email protected]