Law concerning the Hiring Domestic help in UAE


The UAE has no specific laws designed to handle the issues concerning domestic helpers. It is specifically referred to workers who work at home. Only, recently, special laws are formulated to govern matters regarding domestic workers.

The domestic ministry is responsible for managing domestic helpers. According to the law, the wage of such workers should be paid in UAE Dirhams. This category includes workers like maids, drivers, house workers, chefs, gardeners, kitchen employees, house workers, exercise trainers, babysitters, house farmers, horse groomers, cooks, nursery employees, tutors, nannies, and the list goes on.

Domestic workers must be hired following the law of the land. Mostly, such domestic helpers are hired from “Tadbeer Centers”. Nevertheless, hiring a full-time domestic helper is a cheaper option for any employer than a part-time worker. This has resulted in more job opportunities for the employees.  There are certain criteria to meet to become eligible for hiring domestic help. Visit, top Emirati Advocates and Legal Consultants here for a practical expereince and services.

Monthly income or total income per month should be at least 25,000 AED. Families and couples are not allowed to hire any type of maid. There are people in the UAE who are given special permission to sponsor domestic help.

In 2021, there was another amendment in the law that states that everyone has to hire domestic helpers via “Tadbeer Centers”. There won’t be any middle person involved in the entire recruitment process. It is done to protect the rights of the workers. It also put a halt to any kind of labor exploitation.

The salary of domestic workers should be between AED 1500 TO AED 5000. It all depends on experience and skills. Although, everyone is bound to meet the minimum wage rate set by the UAE when hiring domestic help.

Health insurance is made mandatory for every employee in the UAE. Henceforth, it is equally important for domestic helpers. Therefore, they should be offered health insurance which is a compulsion nowadays.

The employer will bear the sponsor fee, VISA fee, and other specifications about domestic workers. For the latest fee structure, adhere to MOHRE or Tadbeer Centers. An employer is responsible to provide the necessities of life including food, clothing, and shelter. Furthermore, the employer must pay for the flight tickets for the domestic helpers.

There are some basic specifications for domestic helpers which are discussed below: there is a need for a proper employment contract between the two parties involved. An employment contract should be approved by the concerned authorities including MOHRE.

The employee must keep a copy of the labor employment contract between the employer and the domestic worker. On the other hand, probation time is at least 6 months. The maximum working hours for the domestic worker is 8 hours a day.

According to the law, 1 hour shall be granted to them as a break. He is not expected to work continuously for 5 hours a day in continuity.  Annual leaves are allowed once a year. Normally, it is paid leave. An employment contract is renewed with the full consent of both parties involved. 

Moreover, the salary or wage should be paid every month.  There should be no discrimination based on race, sex, creed, color, class, religion, or background. Any type of mental or physical harassment is not allowed at any cost.

Tying the Knots in UAE

UAE and especially Dubai is declared one of the best places to live with your spouse and family.  It is found to be a highly secure place for women especially. Safety and protection are available in the country. Such facilities might not be available in any other corner of the world.

A lot of families and married couples opt for the UAE as their home to stay, live and grow. Local people have residence visas whereas expatriates also prefer to settle in the country. A lot of young couples also choose to tie the knot in Dubai, UAE.

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled to get married in the UAE. For Muslim couples, it is compulsory to have a marriage contract registered in the court. On the other hand, non-Muslims, have to remain in touch with embassies. Sharia Law is only applicable to Muslim couples.

Although, the sharia laws of the UAE are the best to protect the rights of its people.  Family Lawyers who deal with such cases are called family lawyers. They have better insight into the matters and thus, actively handle such cases.

In this article, we will also explain some vital steps that must be followed. For Muslim marriages, the sharia law of Islam is used. All Islamic marriages take place on one pattern that is given by sharia law. For that husband and his wife should be Muslims.  Any Muslim lady is not permitted to marry any non-Muslim man while Muslim men are allowed to marry non-Muslims only if they are Al-Kitaab as per sharia.

Muslim men are permitted to have at least 4 wives as Islam encourages polygamy. In this matter, sharia laws are applicable. Age is restricted to 18 and men must not be double the age of the groom. The consent of both parties is important. Therefore, both must agree and be happy with the decision. They must be present at the time of exchanging vows for life.

Father’s or the guardian’s consent is significant. In absence of it, the marriage can’t take place. In case of divorce, there is a need for submission of a divorce certificate if any of the parties is divorced. Moreover, a marital screening test is needed. Any UAE national who intends to marry any expatriate must obtain permission from the father or guardian.

On the contrary, there is another set of rules for Non-Muslim marriages. For them, their country’s laws are applied. They must contact the embassies for the marriage. In Dubai, at least one of them must have a residence VISA. If a lady visits the UAE for marriage, she needs to take up a medical screening test. The residents who get the residency have already gone through the medical screening.

For Dubai, anyone in the party should be having a residence VISA. On the other hand, for other states, both parties should have a residence. There is an official government site that can be used to grab more detailed information.


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