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Supernatural is a show that has started many years ago where the bond between the family of Winchesters is shown in a magnificent way. The show like a seven-star restaurant presentation every aspect in different ways all wrapped to perfection.

Those who like paranormal or thrillers or romance, it is like having a dessert to them .they get to see all in one show. The show, in simple words, started with a bang. since the first episodes, it has kept the audience‘s interest. The show was its’ highest point during season 3 when the boys, dean, and sam, were fighting the demons and yet trying to figure out the way to save Dean’s life.

15 years of the show with 15 seasons .An incredible journey.

The show’s end is very emotional pace for the fans but at least they‘re ending on their own terms so we get one last epic season, instead of being cancelled.

15 years of laughs , smiles , thrills and tears .

The ending journey of the series raises up the question of how the story is gonna end and at the same time, satisfy its audience.

The only interesting story seems to be with chuck and he‘s barely in it .they ‘re obviously leading up to a jack vs god finale .teh show was always about sam and dean, now it seems to be all about jack.

So far it’s been a very mediocre season.why?

Since about 90% of the season has been filler, or shoving in old characters for no reason other than “ it’s what J2M wanted to see.

The best episodes were with Micheal. That was so needed for this show and jake Abel did a fantastic job.

It’s going to be a mediocre ending.

 Because it has been so inconsistent and it’s lacking that ride or die feeling.

Why delay in the episodes? The production always has a certain amount .somewhere around five episodes, filmed ahead of where they are in the season. And that’s never really given them a problem before, so no idea why there have been so many breaks.Mid –season finale break was reasonable. The third break happened when a new show was added to SPN’s original Thursday night-time slot, but why did we need to wait a whole extra month for it to come back on the new Monday night- slot?

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STATION 19 is exhilarating. Each episode gets better and better .there’s action, drama, romance, and extremely lovable characters.

The cast is phenomenal and makes binge-watching the series even more fun and enjoyable .some may establish the show as weak and leacking.but station 19 is highly well written and is an amazing eye-opener to the world of firefighters, especially for young girls. The amazing performance of Jaina, Danielle, and Barrett has kept the show going. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat and definitely brings the heat.

About the show

If you are an avid watcher of medical or emergency service dramas, the station 19 is perfect for you.every storyline holds a powerful message. despite some scenes being overly dramatic, the overall pacing and character arcs are great.

Station 19 is insane with its ups and downs and curveballs but, it’s also inspiring. It makes people really think that firefighters are hero’s because they are! It’s incredible, to the firefighting, to the relationships between each character and to each character the storyline gets pretty exciting.

Station 19 is an excellent show to demonstrate teamwork and respect .

Ellen Pompeo is the director of the show. Great cast and excellent storylines reflecting current issues, but not too much.

Great female lead with fantastic support from the rest of the cast that won’t bring disappointment in the viewer.

Andy- the Intolerable Woman

The show would be even greater without the sad attempt at tear-jerking for the neurotic women whose father died by venting the roof for a week ago. She is so lame and distracting.she is a huge backstabber .andy is the most annoying stuck up person.

Will Station 19 cross over GREY’S ANATOMY?

The integration with grey’s anatomy was a surprise. Look forward to the cross over to grey’s anatomy. The show has really developed over the seasons, and although the plot isn’t always the best, the characters have become nearer and dearest. The show has gotten more realistic and pulls you into the story.

The characters are convincing and entertaining. Introducing a new captain Robert Sullivan is a great move to keep people interested.

For a TV show about firefighters, the balance of showcasing calls and personal relationships that are born from a tight house and beyond is really hard to do. kudos to the writers.

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Shrek is a 2001 American animated comedy film loosely based on the 1990 fairytale picture book of the same name by William Steig. Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson in their directional debuts. It stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow as the voices of the lead characters.

Shrek really was a movie that really captured the audience. It was full of adventure and excitement, this movie stretched between genres. From action to comedy and even romance.

Shrek is an insightful commentary exploring the psychological repercussions that display the effects of crossing a mentally ill loner, with a society that abandons him and treats him like dirt.

One of the shark’s core concepts enforces that a person should not judge another based on their appearance and must be able to comprehend the many unique characteristics of one’s personality and perhaps look past a hateful attitude in order to uncover a great aptitude for many emotions such as love and happiness.

Shrek 5 is happening and is expected to be a reboot. The movie is still in development at dreams works’s been confirmed that the reboot will release in 2022.

As similar to the other parts which were a cinematic masterpiece, the movie is expected to the savior and even better.

The movie will be hilarious  with great punch of acting .

The reboot is expected to be the finale of the movie series .the news is confirmed by the dreamwork franchise.


Fans obviously have a mixed reaction towards this. But, it is expected to be a new thing in Hollywood .the fans have been very curious to know what can be the story or plot be about. Well, we all know when the film comes out, there’s gonna be a strong presence of fans with star wars and marvel movie type cheering and sad fancy cosplaying as their favorite characters.

Was shrek 5 pre-planned?

Although, the productions actually had 5 Shrek movies planned out since near the beginning. The guy who worked on the movies decided a year into production on the fourth one that the story they came up with was the perfect way to end the story.

As long as 5’s the last, and they stick to the plan, that’s cool. Although it’s doubtful that they will since it’s intended to reboot the series pretty much.

But it is unarguably confirm that the first the shreks were the best.

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The animation this season is on another level. The episode reveals that there are going to be funky pops of crystal Morty, lobster rick, was Rick and Morty, fascist rick and Morty, and red meeseeks .

The episode was crazy.Hilarious and amazing.

100 years of Morty screwing himself .


Boglins were real toys, a kind of puppet thing from the 80s and 90s. The Boglins monster is probably a call to that mutant thing rick killed before he tried to off himself in the garage when the hive- mind lady dumped him.

The ferrofluid scene at the end was so intense, they had to get another animation to help out finish it.

Fascist Theme

The fascist theme was so funny. The creators also paid that off with a terrible super pc hologram twist at the end too.

The first fascist world was due to the gear wars that gearhead always talked about. He never really speaks about what exactly happened, but if you look at the fascist flag on the first dimension, it is two wrenches, something a gear wold have itself concerned with.

Furthermore, the gearhead appears in the back of the car, and why? Because of the gear wars.

Due to this, Gearler and the other gear Liz went onto conquer the universe, all the way to earth. Yes, this may seem extreme, but what’s Rick and Morty is about.

Diable Reference

The fact that the stone Morty put in his head is a reference to a diable soul stone and the dark traveler planting it in his forehead, then the stone will give him even more vison and will corrupt him to the core. Before being an akika reference , it was a diable reference.

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SHAMELESS is by far the best show ever made It really shows how some people can really struggle in the world ut if you really try, you can truly do so much.

The drama, the heart, and soul, blood sweat, and tears put in this TV show is nothing short of the definition of entertainment television. The cast is absolutely superb and it should have won more awards than it did.

What’s there in Season 10?

The tenth season picks up six months after last season’s finale. Frank (Macy) uses his leg injury to collect as many prescription drugs as possible, and his exploits lead him to an old friend.

Emboldened by the $50,000 left to her by Fiona, Debbie (Emma Kenney) has stepped in as the family’s new matriarch, ruling over the Gallagher household with an iron fist.

Lip(Jeremy Allen White) navigates his relationship with a newly affectionate Tami(kate miner). Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) has to decide what to do with his life as he finishes military school and heads back to the south side.Lian(Christian Isaiah) is committed to learning about black history and culture under the tutelage of v (Shinola Hampton) as Kev (Steve Howey) faces an identity crisis .gallavich returns this season as Ian(Cameron Monaghan ) and Mickey (Noel Fisher ) rekindle their romance in person as both cellmates and lovers.

Goodbye Fiona

Fiona will be missed in season 10 of the season finale. Debbie is the lead role in this season and she has carried the season brilliantly. But Fiona was the best part of the show. She gave her life to raise her family and the family didn’t even miss her once even in an important event like a wedding . Like the tight relationship between siblings its highly unlikely this happens.

More in the Season 10 that are worth-watching

The relationships are definitely dysfunctional and often sabotaged by the characters and the one that worked the best was Ian and Mickey’s, they went through a lot separately and together, the odds were against them, and seeing them getting married, being relaxed and very emotional.

Season 10 lacks the spark

Beyond everything, season 10 has disintegrated into a pathetic political distribution. The main plot subjects are racism and immigration .in addition, season 0 has the weakest season amongst all of them. Most of its plotlines were unoriginal, it is kinda hollow and the new plot lines are kinda out there.

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Is MTV making the Teens suffer for the show “TEEN MOMS”?

MTV promotes and celebrates dangerous people to keep this show running as long as possible despite the devastating consequences that will impact generations to come.

The show is supposed to be about the struggles a pregnant 16 years old goes through. Not how it gets easier and how it’s so easy to buy houses with no jobs and get to go lavish vacations.

About Farrah

First of all Farrah. She verbally abuse in episode 4 and give away a dog because it was inconvenient to make the effort to train it, it makes us feel cringe to think about what kind of person, her toddler, Sophia will be.

Farrah and her Horrible Attitude .

This show is the ultimate birth control. But it really showed a different side to the stigma of teen parenthood, as some girls really are just stupid and shouldn’t have been parents, and others just made a mistake and turned out to be a great parent. More likely Sophia will be spoiled. Farrah seems to believe she’s a Kardashian.

Catelynn –the True Mother

Catelynn is the most interesting of all the teen moms because she actually loved her child enough to sacrifice her own selfies desires and place her child with a good family. Her child actually has a chance at being raised to have self-esteem, and have a future.

Catelynn has the most dysfunctional parenting situation of all the teen moms, yet has the most supportive partner in Tyler who actually listens to her, and doesn’t make a scene about him. She is the most selfless of the four teen moms.

About Amber

Amber is ruined before she even started. She has no imagination and wallows in self-pity. She has a child and she is so busy thinking about herself all the time.

The basic premise of this show is that it revolves around a bunch of shallow teenage girls who ended up getting pregnant and becoming celebrities.

You hear stories that reality shows promote messages to young people and you see them struggling with mental health and body image. What message is this sending out is horrible to imagine.

And what will happen to them when their five minutes of unwarranted fame is over and their boyfriend runs off with the next floozy he comes across? You know, the one he met behind the KFC that closed down due to food poisoning.

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She has a perfect blend of multiple endearing qualities. She is wholesome and loyal and tries her damned hardest to bet mature but her lack of life experience makes her come off as childish more often than not.

Raphtalia is the slave purchased by Naofumi who treats her like his own daughter. Rather than a master, he is like a protector to her.

Raphtalia loves Naofumi’s care, attention, love, and protection. He is like a whole world to her.

It is so endearing how she lies to Naofumi about wanting things because she doesn’t want to be a burden to him.

Raphtalia is a raccoon and is still a sweet girl nurtured by her master Naofumi. Despite everything she’s been through, She needs Naofumi just as Naofumi needs her.

The fact that even though she feels like unconditional pure love, she doesn’t have very legitimate reasoning behind her affection.

She’s following the mythical hero of her people .her personal savior of a life of loneliness, suffering, mistreatment, and likely death, someone has gotten to know is a good person who’s been kind to her and made her his family.

It just feels more genuine and powerful that this pure wonderful love has legitimate reasons not only from a plot perspective but from the character’s point of view.

It’s not hard to see things from her perspective and realize the kind of things she must be thinking and feeling.

It makes the character feel more real.


Naofumi and Raphtalia are both really complex characters with the actual meaning behind everything they do or say.

The light novel sure makes you know of what‘s going on in NAOFUMI’S head but the anime does such a good job at describing everything so that we can understand them.

As much as Naofumi’s self-confidence is completely destroyed at the beginning, he still couldn’t stop fearing being betrayed even with the slave‘s curse.

In the same way, RAPHTALIA self – confidence was washed away by years of slave, threatening like nothing and thrown away for any weaknesses she may had and beaten up so badly that she felt like she was already dead.

She feared being left behind by Naofumi, just like she was by everyone else before. She would do anything to get his trust.

Wanting a new slave’s curse was a part of it. But it’s still not enough for her that she is ready to put herself in danger even tho she knows that Naofumi is much tougher than her.


We’ve gotten to see her grow, develop, mature. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well, she got over her fears. She has developed ideas and goals, She has become responsible and goal-oriented and has also developed a complete mindset. We can clearly see through her actions and behaviors all the time.

Creating a brave pure-hearted maiden blindly in love as a supporting character is easy. But Raphtalia is actually multilayered, well – established the main character with a well fleshed out internal sense of self behind her morality, pureness, and strength and that’s amazing.

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Hero Academia is one of the popular anime and the show is so awesome. It has excellently choreographed action scenes and the characters feel like real people. Their development, depth, and morals are easy to get behind, even for the villains.

The world-building is also really in-depth and detailed. Even though the story is quite fantastical, being a superhero story, It still makes sense and One can see how the world came to be the way it is.

The comic art style it has with the black shading is also really cool and the show has a unique animation style. The character‘s designs are authentic. Considering the vast amount of quirks out here, we can see why even though Tokoyami’s quirk doesn’t have anything to do with being a bird, he has a bird head most likely because one of his parents died.

Unlike a lot of anime, it doesn’t suffer from a lack of creativity. Most superheroes stories have quite flashy, common superhero powers such as superspeed or superstrength.

If you want to watch the show, something to bear in mind is that it has a very odd sense of humor, especially regarding female characters’ bodies. It is justifiable since teenagers are hormonal and often have their minds in the gutter, but the show is only recommendable for those above thirteen.

Season 4 of the series was produced by Bones directed by Kenji Nagasaki, following the story of the original manga from the second half of the 14th volume to the first chapters of the 21st  volume. Four pieces of theme music are used for thus season: two opening themes and two ending themes. For the 14th episodes, the opening theme is “ Polaris “ by Blue Encount, while the ending theme is “Tokai no Uta “ by Sayuri. The anime of this season is really enjoyable and cool. The anime highlights the concept of good vs evil. The protagonist Deku is cliché and the power scaling is bizarre. Character development is on point and it‘s very deep and meaningful.

The season picks up from where it left. At the end of season 3, The Big 3 was introduced and The Hero Work-Studies program being extended to the first years While this is occurring Katsuki and Shoto participate in the Provisional License Remedial Course.

Following these all, U.A. High School has its annual U.A. School Festival which is planned to be interrupted by an INFAMOUS DUO. Days later, Izuku has a weird and mysterious dream featuring the ONE FOR ALL Vestiges and himself witnessing in the exchange between All For One and the first one for all users.

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Talk about the proverbial “new wrinkle on an old theme”.Over the years we have been introduced to numerous medical shows, but the one incredible thing about this show is that it had not been nominated for an Emmy Awards, or a golden globe award, or any other award for being nothing short of fantastic. The writing is of the highest quality, and it has a humble style and not a “ sensationalist style”.It is subtle, in your face style which is nothing short of heartwarming. The writing is definitely on the page and is on the stage.


The show started out fairly well in introducing the characters and the premise of the series. The show is a testament that you can still be human while running a very large business. It’s unrealistically pleasant but that’s better than being reminded how terrible the world is. People in the show are selfless, courageous, and see human life as more important than rules or costs. It’s beautiful and emotional because every episode is filled with the spirit of the characters. The show is compelling and keeps your full attention. Also extremely mature too at the same time.

The show has kept us on the edge of our seats at times as well as on the verge of tears at the same time. Max’s character is so unlike anything you will find in the real world. Physics are mostly compassionate but sometimes can’t act on that compassion due to the protocol or insurance restriction. Not Max Goodwin. He and his team of doctors are all about the patient and find ways to circumvent the system to get positive outcomes.


The cast and acting of this show are brilliant, and it has such promise, but the writers are over the top of SJWs.Most shows have moments where you think it’s overtly conservative or liberal and may disagree, but you don’t care because it may be one character or not happen often. However, this show is packed front to back with liberal sided social justice issues. The show tackles police brutality on blacks, racism against blacks, extreme diversity to include everyone.

Ryan Eggold is compelling. Loved Anupam Kher on The Indian Detective. So it’s great to see him again. But best of all is seeing Freema Agyeman (Dr. Who) is an American leading role.

The stories are socially relevant and engaging, But they are also heartwarming and have a strong good winning over an evil component. The show does move quickly and touch on many issues in a short period of time. KEEPING US HOOKED SINCE THE FIRST EPISODE!

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Lucifer Season 4 Review

With the end of season 3 of the mesmerizing and unique concept drama series, Lucifer. It was seen that the season was full of emotion and an interesting plot. It had a unique concept and script that captured the attention and includes many genres: Action, Crime, Romance, and even a bit of comedy. The season has everything and more.

The third season is quite interesting to see in which Lucifer gets jealous because Chloe, the detective falls in love with Pierce, the new person working in Chloe‘s office. Lucifer gets jealous and tries to have a competition but when’s his therapist says to tell your emotions, he goes to find out through the window and sees her heartbroken. Lucifer is the character who has a great sense of humor and is again in the ass but likable to work with.

The episode in season 3 in which Chloe and Lucifer go to solve a crime to find out pierce is there, the other men shoot and Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings was amazing to see.


In season 4, both Chloe and Lucifer admits that they both love each other! The creators ended season 4 with the perfect note. Season 4 is about how the devil, Lucifer changes into the selfless angel. This is character development. The king of hell, possibly the most self –centered being in creation. A fallen angel dedicated to debauchery, decadence, and self-satisfaction. Over the course of four seasons, we have watched the character grow, mature, grapple with his own feelings and insecurities /And at the end, he believably commits the most selfless act he possible can. His award is the comfort of knowing the people he loves and cares about will be safe.

Season 4 is the best season so far. The final scene of season 4 got the audience crying with their tears bursting out as that scene is one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole series. It was the first time when Chloe actually saw the real wings of Lucifer and realized how beautiful they were. It surely made her realize how much of a selfless angel he really is as the wings were the formal expression of his good side. The angel wings were also the sign that Lucifer finally forgave himself and for the most part, it’s because of Chloe. First, he was able to embrace his evil side to send the demons back to hell because Chloe told him she is not afraid anymore. In the end, she confessed her love, and a simple feeling worthy of her love was enough to bring out the best side of him.