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What makes the Dragon Prince BETTER?

The Dragon Prince is one of the best. It’s not the greatest show in a long time to watch. The dragon prince appeals to a wide variety of audiences conveying genres from medieval fantasies to a comedy romance.

Although the Dragon Prince received a rough introduction, its writers have done a spectacular job in improving the series with each passing season.

The Dragon Prince emphasizes multiple themes throughout the series such as parental approval, vengeance, trust, racial tension, and finding one’s purpose in life.

The characters all face traumatic events and challenges that shape their character arc and provide the motivations behind their actions.


The two main protagonists Rayla and Callum undergo a multitude of obstacles that define their character and portray a sense of familiarity for the audience.

 The dynamic between the majority of the characters is well thought out and the writers deserve praise for that.

Incorporating magic that supposedly humans cannot access (except for dark) is rather interesting. Although cheesy giving the nerd community a knock by using “ one does not simply walk into …” was amusing, cheesy.

Jack De Sena to this day is one of the greatest voice actors to exist and a true asset to this show. He also brings back Avatar nostalgia, which many appreciate.


The story itself is original, the mechanics of the fantasy world speak for themselves and aren’t simply copyrights of other fantasy shows. This is one of the trickiest shows ever made. The show, at least towards the beginning.

It’s directed at children, and yes, consequently, there are a lot of bad jokes, and the plot feels a little dragged on. But, as the show progresses, more starts to happen, with all of the characters, until an absolutely epic season 3 finale. It pulled of romance much better than expected, and by the end, it wasn’t any kids show, with sons killing their father and such.

The show takes its time to build the world it has created in some of the most creative and imaginative ways possible. The show’s fantasy is brilliant and has the potential to have so much more depth and emotion. The show is well written, beautifully animated, full of heartfelt entertainment with amazing plot twists and suspense holding you through the show.  

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What’s happening in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy?

This season is insane! 1960’s, cold war, oddly cool musical beats, cult, mafia, new super-powered kid, political conspiracies, alien sightings, time travel paradoxes, psychological manipulation, etc.

Allison, Clause, and Vanya dancing together was the favorite part of the season. It just felt so wholesome.

Season 2 balances the action with humor that makes it fun to watch. you become invested in the characters. It reminds of Kingsman: the secret service, while still beings its own thing.

The storylines of each character since going back in time in season 2 were masterfully done, each story was unique, interesting, and relevant to their character personally. Season 2 got rid of the horrible pacing issues, the episodes feel like the characters, they become more likable in this season.


Season 1 ending was a bit predictable, but overall it was pure fun! Season 2, on the other hand, has been far ahead of the predecessor in terms of plot and character development. The writers gave us some exciting character pairings and ridiculously funny scenes combined with the electrifying soundtrack that made all the action scenes ten times better.

Some of the characters are funny and the actors showed their gift given in various ways. A very mysterious and action-packed show about people with abilities. It’s unique in away. Superhero movies are more individualized like Superman, Aquaman, etc. Yet their teams like Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc. You don’t really see a lot of superheroes themed shows or movies that revolve around family. It brings a new meal to the table.


The plot is continuing to be refreshing and entertaining with this time change in season 2. It discusses important themes that are quite relevant to today’s current events as viewers are reminded that the diverse cast we love so much, face very different situations in life in the 60s based on their differences such as sexual orientation or race, touching on the discrimination/injustices faced by these communities even today.

The ending leaves us wanting for more as viewers come to understand there’s more to the umbrella academy that we may have initially thought and set season 3 with an expected twist to explore further in season 3.

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This particular series exceeded movies like Batman vs Superman because it had beautifully written dark humor. The commentary on certain superhero tropes felt subtle and not preachy. The show felt genuine, dark, and light-hearted all at the same time.

All the superhero movies / TV series made so far have just been so monotonous, cause, in the end, the hero saves them all. The clash of two titans, one wins, another bites the Repeat.

But what happens when a group of common men with no powers decide to bring down an entire organization of corrupt superheroes? What made superheroes fear those men? This series is all about courage and inspires you to be you and you don’t need any superpowers to do to extraordinary things.

 The outstanding plot, compelling character development and to top that all each actor has given it their 200 percent.

About the Season 2

The completely new concept of portraying heroes as dictators. When heroes become the most powerful concept in society, they abuse that power to their free will. Brutal, gore action scenes are all over the series. The protagonist of this series is completely driven by vengeance along with the rest of his crews. The steady storyline , action-packed scenes make the show worth watching.

Season two seems to keep the promises and is indeed adding more adernaline.

Well, the most anticipated season two is finally added on amazon, and though only three episodes, they have enough twists and turn that would keep you glued. So far, Amazon has kept the promise, keeping the fingers crossed though.

The deep is an unnecessary angle, and it is not adding enough rush. Black noir, well it seems like all predictions about him were true so far.

Season two like Dc Doom patrol or Netflix Umbrella Academy, it’s just as great if not slightly better than the first.

The boys come out swinging in a superb second season that digs deeper into its complicated characters and ups the action without pulling any of its socially critical punches.

Story, production, acting: all the aspects are good. Often or most of the time, it is the sequel that blows away all the good that the original does. But at least here it is not the case .Especially when the entire world in deep into the corona crisis, this is definitely a good thing to look forward to.

Will there will Season 3?

It’s still on Season two, still very fresh and young. Just hope if the series gets up to season 3 and so on, it keeps getting better and better.

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According to the Duffer brothers, production has to start on 17th September. But due to the global pandemic, now the date has been shifted o release on Halloween 2021. Resources told that the story is ready, confirmed by Netflix too. The production is planning to start filming from 17 September, but it all depends on the condition now.

What’re the other release dates possible?

There were 15 months between season 1 and season 2, 20 months between season 2 and season 3, so it would make sense if there are 25 months between season 3 and 4. season 1 and 3 both came in July of different years therefore wouldn’t it make sense that since season 2 came out in October, season 4 would also come out in October. it is possible too that the stranger things season 4will come out on a holiday (4th July in America).

What can the stranger things season 4 be about?

Well, there is a theory about the “demidog” dart, (Dustin dog).there can be a small chance that dart could make its return within the constraints of season 4. The theory is that dart was strong enough to resist the mind flayer’s orders and requests, perhaps dart has worked up the strength to stay in our world. another thing is, every demidog we saw died almost instantly and at the same time, but this is not the same for dart.dart was still breathing after the other demidogs.

Season 4 is special as after a couple of years when the “kids” are “ adults “ and the new adults get back together and fight one last big monster. They have to start season 4 quickly because the kids are growing so fast.

It is assumed that Joyce, Jonathan, Will, and Eleven will be the main focus for season 4.hopefully we get to see more brother and sister with Will and el since they barely interact with each other.

El seems to get a lot of character development with a new character EACH SEASON. season one with Mike, season two with Hooper, season three with Max, and likely season four with Will.

In the season 4 trailers, it’s bells chiming as the words “we’re not Hawkins anymore” show on the screen. The bells sound like big ben, so they might’ve moved to London at the end of season three and that might be where season 4 takes place.



Riverdale used to be a comic book and all the characters used to be all happy and now the characters are very much different .before they used to be a comic book series but 76 years later, it is a Netflix series.

The last season(season ) started with the game griffins and gargoyles. G&G, a game that kills people and gives them quest to do and if they don’t succeed the quest , they get haunted by the gargoyle king or they have to drink from the poisoned chalices.

Season 4 by the time you make it to the middle of the season, you won’t think there is a need for season 4 but just wait till episode .it’s shocking. It’s a lovely mix of drama, mysteries, and romance. True, the drama can be sometimes a little out of hand and unrealistic, but it’s still interesting and makes you want to know what happens next.

 One of the main reasons the show is watchable is the couples .some LGBTQ couples are featured and some couples that you just can’t love.

Overall the show is surprisingly enjoyable plus mysterious and the experience that you get with the cast and the fanbase is unlike any other. There are a lot of things about the show that you’ll just have to see for yourself.

What’s there in Season 4?

Solid start, repeating a similar phase of weaker episodes after the midseason finale but from episode 7, it became yet again more interesting, some loose ends which are found struggled to see how will all fit into the last episode of the season (episode 9) but still overall were very enjoyable.

However, the two biggest issues with the series were it containing one of the worst episodes of the entire show being its’ musical episode; lacking any movement of the story, and Kevin’s endeavor to perform Hedwig just canceling out halfway through the episode. Finally, the mental health aspects of the show from season‘s antics could have been explored more or maybe just better in this season. The way Toni grasps having Jason’s dead corpse around her house and Cheryl’s attachment seemed unbelievable but in Riverdale ‘coo-coo bananas’ is the norm, so it didn’t affect the enjoyment of the show.

Each episode has so much going on and so much to unpack it leaves you wanting more and more than when you finish. The story unfolding is in the perfect amount without wanting more or feeling like something was left out.

Season 4 is even better than the last hit season 3. They do stuff about the farm .toni, mad dog, and Reggie gets more screen time. There are fresh new mysteries.jughead at least provides some sense of mystery rather than pure glory and a heroic type of persona.

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Season 4 was a brilliant end to an amazing series, concluding the character arcs in a truly satisfying way. Finally, season 4 is one of, if not, the best episode of TV has telecasted. The humor makes up for flaws and the dynamics between characters are to die for. Don’t be too serious when watching this show, to be fair, it is an afterlife with demons and revolutionized siris.


In the end, Micheal got to be the human he wanted to. Tahani the person she was trying to pretend to be in her life on earth, Jason being like the monk he was as jijanyu , Chidi finally being decisive and confident, and Eleanor the selfless person she was pretending to be in the first season.

The writers did Jason good at the ending. He seemed more like himself. As the comedic relief, it was upsetting to see him leave.jason’s final life was one of pure, unfettered joy and friendship.

The finale was so sad. Knowing that eventually Tahani and Micheal will go through the door feels so final . all the five of them will be gone for good. And the only Janet will be left behind with her memories of them. Plus Micheal won’t have most of his friends when his human body eventually dies.

But that’s how you know that it was a good show. It makes you feel a lot of things.

The episode “THE ANSWER” where he finally ascends to his perfect self is the favorite moment in the series. It’s beautiful and touching.

It was identified that Chidi’s quest to find some sort of perfect answer to every problem. As if there’s some perfect combination of words to make people understand and lovable.


The writers also gave closure for the minor characters. Simone is the friends with Chidi and Elanor and their friends, John is being historic figures, and brent is still trying to get into a good place. It’s kind of satisfying to know what happened to them, even if it’s not a full closure.


A lot of reasons why Paris and Rec have such a satisfying ending. The episode didn’t have any major conflict and you got to see what happened to every character in the future and see that everyone lives a happy life even though they’ve moved on from Pawnee.

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 Season 2 was an amalgamation of so many elements that you’ll feel so much is happening, but at the same time, nothing is happening.

Season 2 just boggles the mind!

Ozark is next best thing on Netflix after BoJack Horseman !

Jason Bateman aka Marty Byrde will take you to the journey of being a Dad who’ll do anything for his family and by anything.

Doing money laundering for a Spanish Cartel by managing a strip club and keeping up with his gold digger of a wife who cheated on him with some old ass dude with money and a daughter. On confrontation, gives a typical reply, how she was feeling unloved.

Moreover this show is shot with a tint fee; ,which gives it a dark grunge look!

Watching Ozar is like living through a warped moral norm of decisions and circumstances, as well as the chaos of a family descending into the depth of criminal self-preservation and personal sacrifice from the comfort of your couch!

Well worth getting into if you have the time.

Season 3

Season 3 is the by far the best season. If the writing stays on the same course four will be even better.

Lost of twist and turn in this action-packed show.

Season 3 has turned things around for this show.

It has skyrocketed from a good show to now a must watch.

Another knockout and wonderful performance in Season 3 is Tom Pelphrey playing Wendy’s brother, Ben.

It is the best-written character in season 3, overshadowing the other characters in the frame.

Season 3 is a visual masterpiece. It really amped up the stakes and expanded this world in such a genius easy.

The storytelling is next level.Also,the acting got BETTER as well .

Season 3 is an absolute masterclass, with Laura Linney and Tom Pelphrey taking the first spot, then Bateman and Garner.

Truly gut wrenching , beautiful emotion.

This season stepped up like never before. The introduction of new characters might seem for obvious reasons considering the storyline, but the way these multiple loose ends are tied is impressive.

You are bound to get addicted if you have a taste for crime thrillers. Can’t compare it with the Breaking Bad as life around the lake is too unpredictable and you won’t be able to see what’s gonna hit you next.

A tadbit dark yet highly packed in thrill !

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PEAKY BLINDERS , for any fan of British period films , is a delight.

Where the show excels in its cast of strong characters, and a storyline that continues to evolve to reflect a restless period of change.

It’s amidst this backdrop of social change that Peaky Blinders is set.

Well placed , well written and directed.

Peaky Blinders captures the action, anxieties, exciting highs, and deep touches of melancholy that seem to plague the Shelby family as they build a criminal empire comparable to Al Capone’s at the height of prohibition.

With dark undercurrents, Peaky blinders are gripping, building pace till you realized you‘re hooked and looking forward to the next episode.


This is the season where Cillian Murphy becomes the Scarecrow and uses his fear toxins on the Peaky Blinder’s characters.

The final shot of this season is now iconic. So haunting and badass and emotional. Thomas Shelby is a legend among film nerds.

It may have very much been a “part one of two”, but this series felt like it was taking the show in a whole new direction from where it started, and it really shone through.

The blinders are now big enough to be personally impacted by the Wall Street Crash, which not only meant they had to rely on some of their old tricks to stay ahead but also meant that Tommy has become big enough to start choosing his battles for himself.

If there was one season that aimed to prove to us that Tommy’s heart holds a glimmer of hope then it was this one. But we also saw his descent into madness become more apparent than ever- as well as seeing Arthur tap back into his unbridled inner beast.

Oswald Mosley made for another brilliant villain too. Even if historically speaking he was a little misrepresented.

It’ll be interesting to see how far Tommy’s rising conflict with Micheal goes in the next series.

SEASON 6 needs Micheal to become the new Villain. He is a threat to Tommy’s ego and leadership. Either he kills him or works with him but you can see in Micheal’s eyes he wants the throne.

How they are going to manage two wars though will be tough; war against Micheal and the fascist guy might be too much to handle.


Season 5 lacks the atmosphere. The camera work is cheesy, too many unnecessary visual effects, too many out –of- place slow mo’s, the sound and music play in scenes that would demand silence.

Also , the new choice of music seems to lack grit and gloominess .

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Lucifer Season 4 Review

With the end of season 3 of the mesmerizing and unique concept drama series, Lucifer. It was seen that the season was full of emotion and an interesting plot. It had a unique concept and script that captured the attention and includes many genres: Action, Crime, Romance, and even a bit of comedy. The season has everything and more.

The third season is quite interesting to see in which Lucifer gets jealous because Chloe, the detective falls in love with Pierce, the new person working in Chloe‘s office. Lucifer gets jealous and tries to have a competition but when’s his therapist says to tell your emotions, he goes to find out through the window and sees her heartbroken. Lucifer is the character who has a great sense of humor and is again in the ass but likable to work with.

The episode in season 3 in which Chloe and Lucifer go to solve a crime to find out pierce is there, the other men shoot and Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings was amazing to see.


In season 4, both Chloe and Lucifer admits that they both love each other! The creators ended season 4 with the perfect note. Season 4 is about how the devil, Lucifer changes into the selfless angel. This is character development. The king of hell, possibly the most self –centered being in creation. A fallen angel dedicated to debauchery, decadence, and self-satisfaction. Over the course of four seasons, we have watched the character grow, mature, grapple with his own feelings and insecurities /And at the end, he believably commits the most selfless act he possible can. His award is the comfort of knowing the people he loves and cares about will be safe.

Season 4 is the best season so far. The final scene of season 4 got the audience crying with their tears bursting out as that scene is one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole series. It was the first time when Chloe actually saw the real wings of Lucifer and realized how beautiful they were. It surely made her realize how much of a selfless angel he really is as the wings were the formal expression of his good side. The angel wings were also the sign that Lucifer finally forgave himself and for the most part, it’s because of Chloe. First, he was able to embrace his evil side to send the demons back to hell because Chloe told him she is not afraid anymore. In the end, she confessed her love, and a simple feeling worthy of her love was enough to bring out the best side of him.

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After ending season 4 on a perfect and interesting note, Lucifer is back with its season 5. We all are aware of the last episode of season 4 in which Lucifer had to leave Chloe after they both admitted their true feelings.

The trailer of season 5 has been released on Netflix and with the comeback of Lucifer or can I say His brother? While everyone expected the reunion of Chloe and Lucifer to be iconic, there is some major plot twist in the season. While we all know, Lucifer had a twin brother named Micheal and now he has left heaven.

Being a fan of the famous fantasy series, Season 5 is expected to be iconic. If you are an avid watcher of this series, you know that the best feeling is when you hear lucifer saying “Hello detective”.But it is not Lucifer but Micheal, who is the first warrior and first God’s anger, he seems to hate the BAD GUYS! Hence, it seems that the storyline is gonna be highly intense and interesting. With all the people who had identified that he is not Lucifer but someone else, Chloe doesn’t know anything about it. For her, Lucifer is back and is acting strangely.


Micheal, in this season, is a manipulative character. He manipulates Maziken to join him in his deed, He is someone who uses fear to cause chaos. So he tricks Mazikeen by drawing out her fear of getting abandon by people she really loves. Not only this, he even manipulates Dan over the phone by pretending to be Lucifer. He even swayed Amendial’s fear of Charlie’s mortality. Not only this, but Micheal also play his dirty tricks on Chloe too and kidnaps her. He tries to create a misunderstanding between Chloe –Lucifer’s relationship by manipulation about Lucifer’s non declared feeling for love.

Well, the season has a total of eight episodes with more style and passion. Tom Ellis has given a tremendous performance portraying Both as Micheal and Lucifer. The season does not wrap up the chemistry and the romantic revelation between both Chloe and Lucifer but instead, giving us a perfect balancing pull-out.

New characters and more drama make this season even more better.


The second half of the season will likely be about the revelation of more God’s plan as we know that Micheal is the only one who can communicate with God for some time. So it is about time the almighty himself provide answers for some big question this time.