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STATION 19 is exhilarating. Each episode gets better and better .there’s action, drama, romance, and extremely lovable characters.

The cast is phenomenal and makes binge-watching the series even more fun and enjoyable .some may establish the show as weak and leacking.but station 19 is highly well written and is an amazing eye-opener to the world of firefighters, especially for young girls. The amazing performance of Jaina, Danielle, and Barrett has kept the show going. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat and definitely brings the heat.

About the show

If you are an avid watcher of medical or emergency service dramas, the station 19 is perfect for you.every storyline holds a powerful message. despite some scenes being overly dramatic, the overall pacing and character arcs are great.

Station 19 is insane with its ups and downs and curveballs but, it’s also inspiring. It makes people really think that firefighters are hero’s because they are! It’s incredible, to the firefighting, to the relationships between each character and to each character the storyline gets pretty exciting.

Station 19 is an excellent show to demonstrate teamwork and respect .

Ellen Pompeo is the director of the show. Great cast and excellent storylines reflecting current issues, but not too much.

Great female lead with fantastic support from the rest of the cast that won’t bring disappointment in the viewer.

Andy- the Intolerable Woman

The show would be even greater without the sad attempt at tear-jerking for the neurotic women whose father died by venting the roof for a week ago. She is so lame and distracting.she is a huge backstabber .andy is the most annoying stuck up person.

Will Station 19 cross over GREY’S ANATOMY?

The integration with grey’s anatomy was a surprise. Look forward to the cross over to grey’s anatomy. The show has really developed over the seasons, and although the plot isn’t always the best, the characters have become nearer and dearest. The show has gotten more realistic and pulls you into the story.

The characters are convincing and entertaining. Introducing a new captain Robert Sullivan is a great move to keep people interested.

For a TV show about firefighters, the balance of showcasing calls and personal relationships that are born from a tight house and beyond is really hard to do. kudos to the writers.

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Shrek is a 2001 American animated comedy film loosely based on the 1990 fairytale picture book of the same name by William Steig. Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson in their directional debuts. It stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow as the voices of the lead characters.

Shrek really was a movie that really captured the audience. It was full of adventure and excitement, this movie stretched between genres. From action to comedy and even romance.

Shrek is an insightful commentary exploring the psychological repercussions that display the effects of crossing a mentally ill loner, with a society that abandons him and treats him like dirt.

One of the shark’s core concepts enforces that a person should not judge another based on their appearance and must be able to comprehend the many unique characteristics of one’s personality and perhaps look past a hateful attitude in order to uncover a great aptitude for many emotions such as love and happiness.

Shrek 5 is happening and is expected to be a reboot. The movie is still in development at dreams works’s been confirmed that the reboot will release in 2022.

As similar to the other parts which were a cinematic masterpiece, the movie is expected to the savior and even better.

The movie will be hilarious  with great punch of acting .

The reboot is expected to be the finale of the movie series .the news is confirmed by the dreamwork franchise.


Fans obviously have a mixed reaction towards this. But, it is expected to be a new thing in Hollywood .the fans have been very curious to know what can be the story or plot be about. Well, we all know when the film comes out, there’s gonna be a strong presence of fans with star wars and marvel movie type cheering and sad fancy cosplaying as their favorite characters.

Was shrek 5 pre-planned?

Although, the productions actually had 5 Shrek movies planned out since near the beginning. The guy who worked on the movies decided a year into production on the fourth one that the story they came up with was the perfect way to end the story.

As long as 5’s the last, and they stick to the plan, that’s cool. Although it’s doubtful that they will since it’s intended to reboot the series pretty much.

But it is unarguably confirm that the first the shreks were the best.

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The animation this season is on another level. The episode reveals that there are going to be funky pops of crystal Morty, lobster rick, was Rick and Morty, fascist rick and Morty, and red meeseeks .

The episode was crazy.Hilarious and amazing.

100 years of Morty screwing himself .


Boglins were real toys, a kind of puppet thing from the 80s and 90s. The Boglins monster is probably a call to that mutant thing rick killed before he tried to off himself in the garage when the hive- mind lady dumped him.

The ferrofluid scene at the end was so intense, they had to get another animation to help out finish it.

Fascist Theme

The fascist theme was so funny. The creators also paid that off with a terrible super pc hologram twist at the end too.

The first fascist world was due to the gear wars that gearhead always talked about. He never really speaks about what exactly happened, but if you look at the fascist flag on the first dimension, it is two wrenches, something a gear wold have itself concerned with.

Furthermore, the gearhead appears in the back of the car, and why? Because of the gear wars.

Due to this, Gearler and the other gear Liz went onto conquer the universe, all the way to earth. Yes, this may seem extreme, but what’s Rick and Morty is about.

Diable Reference

The fact that the stone Morty put in his head is a reference to a diable soul stone and the dark traveler planting it in his forehead, then the stone will give him even more vison and will corrupt him to the core. Before being an akika reference , it was a diable reference.

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Rick broke down because he thought he had a similar before the abyss.but they weren’t .tony was a weak and ephemeral being. He had no technology to dominate the world. And his adventure was quickly and without importance. Rick died, revived in another reality and returned.

Death to him means nothing. And neither are the other versions of tony in the multiverse but, only that tony could see through rick. He could understand his misery and be considered his friend, at least for a moment.

Rick can’t get that moment back and the words he had for tony had a new meaning, this time for him. He no longer had a friend with whom to discuss a bathroom.

And the bathroom is not important. What’s important is being able to compete with someone for him. Finding someone who gives him the same value and with so little to lose his life at maximum.

Probably thanks to rick and his bathroom. If not, he would have remained a mediocre and sad bureaucracy. Such development for a character in an episode.

The idea for the story is actually good rick is so lonely that he goes out his way and creates a paradise for the toilet to lure others in, he wants others to some so he can interact with them.

The end with rick and his loneliness was what hit me the most .The end is kinda sad.

Blond‘s Alien

The blonde alien is tony’s species. The female is the same species as tony same eye structure and same coloration and same pattern on the chest.

So if there‘s an alternate universe where tony’s wife lives and he still uses the toilet , then there’s gotta be a universe where rick’s wife survives and he’s still able to invent the portal gun, becomes this super genius that we know of.

Or, maybe this is why rick is in so much pain because of the countless universes/realities, he’s seen, he has yet to see one where his wife lives. And maybe that’s why rick doesn’t mess with time travel because it’s only in the past where he can see his wife alive and it’s too painful for him to know that no amount of his genius can bring his wife back. That there’s no way he can have a future he could share with his wife.

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What’s there in THE WALKING DEAD Season 10?

SEASON 10 was ok, the show was suffering from a lack of character development for a first. And for a second, the writing had issues. But it was a good season not as season 9.


The first half of season 10 was very average for TWD  standards and maybe a bit forgettable. The second half of this season has been great, however. If the finale is good, it could be one of the favorite second halves to a season we’ve had.

 The highlights for the season were Negan Carol reveal, Negan kills Alpha, any Caryl moments, Michonne as saviour, Beta as Micheal Myers.

Season 10 being its best. All thanks to the new showrunner who understands fans and the legacy of the show which started in 2010. There is a huge improvement in season 10 with phenomenal acting performances by the cast.

Season 10 does not disappoint, as the characters evolve, the timeline continues to unfold and the new protagonist refresh, the series as always.

When it comes to Alpha’s plan with Dante, Dante was never meant to reveal his whisperer side. Saddiq clocked on and that forced Dante to kill him, which he didn’t want to do, with then put a dent in his cover-up as he got caught out by Rosita. Dante was meant to drive the paranoia in Alexandria and weaken them from the inside. It was going well until Siddiq found out.

And the cave is where Alpha’s horde is, that‘s why it’s a cliffhanger. Still slightly weaker considering but not too bad.


The character development from season 1 until now is so powerful. There is a shot of pretty much the whole group on the train tracks. The way out from Terminus and there are no filler characters; it was a great cast.

The writers needed to make her exit a subplot like they did to keep you invested in everything else happening since Danai was leaving and couldn’t fil a lot of episodes as well. it’s good that they got us invited in other characters and stories to keep the show going with the loss of yet another A- list character. It doesn’t too season 9, but it’s a great season that trumps a few other seasons.

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The official title and release date for Venom 2 has been revealed and we hope to see the first official trailer soon!


Most of the movies are absolutely average, but Tom hardy both as Eddie Brock and Venom is attention-grabbing every time he’s on the screen. the venom fight scenes Are inventive, brutal, and damn entertaining. Tom Hardy’s acting is as incredible as we’ve come to expect from him. The venom/Eddie interactions are often hilarious.

There was actually a crossover comic where spiderman and batman fought carnage and joker, however, Joker and Carnage broke up their team when carnage realized that joker would rather just destroy Gotham by a bomb rather than slaughtering them one by one.

Feel like it’s going to end like infinity war, venom losing and carnage rising up to have venom, Morbius and spiderman fight and defeat carnage in venom 3.

It would look cool if carnage looked like venom, but, when carnage feeds, its veins and muscle tissue turn red with an underlying darkness. When carnage looks less red, that’s how you know it’s weakening.

It can be that the title means like the whole city will become carnage because there’s gonna be carnage as the title says.

Since carnage is a secong generation symbiote , he ‘s more vicious .

Only way this movie will be a super hit if it’s rated R carnage is that evil.

Characters like carnage punisher, Deadpool, ghost rider, moon night, and plenty more won’t fully be the same without the R- rating. there’s no way to show Alk, the mutilation gore, and twisted imagery from the death and destruction. They cause anything less than an R rating takes away from the character by not showing the entirety of the story of the extent of their evil.

It’s more than just blood tho, there’s a lot of guys and mutilation along with dark and twisted imagery and narratives anything less than R rating would just dull down the character and take away vital traits they’re known for; Just look at Ghost Rider that didn’t even come close to depicting what ghost rider is. It was just the image of his character and main story points but a lot of contents was left out that add so much to the character and make him more relatable and easier to comprehend.

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This particular series exceeded movies like Batman vs Superman because it had beautifully written dark humor. The commentary on certain superhero tropes felt subtle and not preachy. The show felt genuine, dark, and light-hearted all at the same time.

All the superhero movies / TV series made so far have just been so monotonous, cause, in the end, the hero saves them all. The clash of two titans, one wins, another bites the Repeat.

But what happens when a group of common men with no powers decide to bring down an entire organization of corrupt superheroes? What made superheroes fear those men? This series is all about courage and inspires you to be you and you don’t need any superpowers to do to extraordinary things.

 The outstanding plot, compelling character development and to top that all each actor has given it their 200 percent.

About the Season 2

The completely new concept of portraying heroes as dictators. When heroes become the most powerful concept in society, they abuse that power to their free will. Brutal, gore action scenes are all over the series. The protagonist of this series is completely driven by vengeance along with the rest of his crews. The steady storyline , action-packed scenes make the show worth watching.

Season two seems to keep the promises and is indeed adding more adernaline.

Well, the most anticipated season two is finally added on amazon, and though only three episodes, they have enough twists and turn that would keep you glued. So far, Amazon has kept the promise, keeping the fingers crossed though.

The deep is an unnecessary angle, and it is not adding enough rush. Black noir, well it seems like all predictions about him were true so far.

Season two like Dc Doom patrol or Netflix Umbrella Academy, it’s just as great if not slightly better than the first.

The boys come out swinging in a superb second season that digs deeper into its complicated characters and ups the action without pulling any of its socially critical punches.

Story, production, acting: all the aspects are good. Often or most of the time, it is the sequel that blows away all the good that the original does. But at least here it is not the case .Especially when the entire world in deep into the corona crisis, this is definitely a good thing to look forward to.

Will there will Season 3?

It’s still on Season two, still very fresh and young. Just hope if the series gets up to season 3 and so on, it keeps getting better and better.

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 Overload is the anime which breaks the border of a hero in a dark way.

 Overload really shines in the novels. The main appeal of Overload is the characters and world-building. Each person has their own personality and storyline that is both affected by Ains and is content to grow without him.

The world of Overload works on this sort of video game logic where Aniz, as the player, has all the cards, and everyone outside Nazarick is functionally an NPC, and so the only incentive that Ainz could even have is to ‘play the game’.But if he tries to play the game, he’s too over-leveled which makes ‘the game ‘ pretty boring. So he does traditional Isekai stuff as Momon and leaves everything to his subordinates.

Ainz is just an average office worker while the Guardians are these timeless, infinitely powerful entities that Ainz can’t possibly measure up to. So he has to just do stuff and hope that whatever he’s doing will be given value by the Guardians, because if it ever isn’t and Nazarick as to turn on him, he’d be dead and have lost everything that he holds dear.

Season 3 was decent because of the different perspectives but it quickly becomes boring because the main character and his minions are so overpowered. There is literally no threat, no tension.

What can happen in Season 4?

The greatest asset to the show is the cast. It‘s very expansive while still being able to have individual characters with their own motivations, goals, and relationships.

Following these many other characters also negates the bad side effects of having an overpowered character that you always know is going to win.

As in these sides, characters face much more traditional struggles of overcoming challenges and hurdles.

In fact, it’s very similar to One Punch Man’s hero association where you have no idea if the hero you’re following at that time will actually be able to win, which can provide an underdog story that many people prefer.

Along with a diverse cast , there is actually growth amongst characters .

Cocytus and Sebas both have their own arcs within season two, and Momonga himself has ‘growth ‘ as a character as he slowly looses more and more of his humanity.

The world in which Overload is built is also very thought .

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The Incredible Cast of Shameless

Shameless is unarguably the best series .Acting is superb ,writing is superb .

All the characters just doing an excellent job representing their character.

The characters are not flawless people. They are flawed and crazy, they go through terrible stuff and the amazing part is they still do not give up, no matter how vulnerable they feel they still put on a confident face and face very situation powerfully. They fall down numerous times and get back up again stronger than ever.

All the actors have done a fantastic job.

The story is fascinating and blows away. As a normal human being goes through ups and downs consistently so do the characters of shameless. But they do not let their failures define them and they don’t let anybody mess with them.


Emmy Rossum deserved the award of Globen Globe for her outstanding performance in the series. Her performance season after season is some of the best actings ever and not only just for television. But it is quite shocking that she didn’t even nominate for the Golden globe nor did she get any recognition for carrying the show for years without an accolade to accept critics’ choice.


The entire cast delivers outstanding performances. Macy is sensational. His timing, delivery, and facial expressions are priceless.

Character Development is one of the best parts of the shows and many of the younger actors have grown up so much. There are a lot of characters in this show whose acting has been ming-boggling.

You really get a roller coaster of emotions during every episode which is not just because of the way it is written but also how amazing the actors are. Love how the romance that grows and develops between Mickey and Ian over these seasons and how comfortable they become in their own skin and with each other.

Who knew two straight guys,Neol and Cameron could play such a passionate character who would do anything for the one they love.

Fiona leaving was one of the saddest episodes on the show. But having seen how she had raised a bunch of kids who were all strong and resilient was so beautiful to see.

Frank though, can be a horrible father, but one can see how much he loves his kids. He is hilarious throughout the season.

Lip has had to fight some demons over the years. And although Fiona is the glue of the family, Lip is the heart that you see in how he protects and support his brothers and sisters through everything.

Overall, the cast is superb! And you couldn’t help but gasp with laughter a couple of times.

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Solo leveling is a fan anime novel written by is a south Korean novel in which solo leveling means – I alone level up. The novel is an action- fantasy and was published on July, 25,2018.

The novel is not new to anyone and fans are waiting quite desperately for the release of this manwa (in Korean) into anime series.

Summary of the South Korean novel – solo leveling

The plot is based on a portal that is connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds.

There are some people who have conquered the ability to acquire the power of the hunting of these creatures are being tilted as “hunters”.

Sung-jin –woo, being a protagonist of the story, is the weakest of the rank E hunters and barely stronger than a normal human, NAMED as “ the weakest” by his fellow partners. The story revolves around facing the danger and being more than just surviving the battles from the more powerful creatures than him.

Apart from the interesting plot, the art is so beautifully defined in the story that undoubtedly tends the person to read the novel.

The story is perfect. The plot is awesome. Every chapter makes you fall in love with this manwa(in Korean) novel.not just the art is colored in this Korean comic, but the action parts are also very well covered.

The protagonist working his ass off to become the strongest one really engages interest all over. The whole plot is pretty interesting and the whole 100 chapters evolve your mind in a better way of course.

This comic is fresh as compared to the other manga novel and animation giving us a refreshing touch in the mind breaking the stereotype of how the anime novel should be.

It’s basically one punch man but with even more bland mc and even more advancement.

The series specify the journey of the weakest hunter to become the strongest one(stronger than S-rank hunter, who are known to be strongest).

Will there be an anime series on this novel?

although the news is still fan base and there is no such official announcement by the producers on the details Solo leveling anime will be released in the fall of 2021.

Fans are looking forward as the announcement date has been confirmed. Lately, Crunchyroll has been adapting a lot of Korean novels into Crunchyroll originals and therefore the chances of Crunchyroll producing the novel is high.