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GTA -6

GTA –Grand Theft Auto is one of the best games a person can ever play. I mean nothing beats SAN  ANDREAS  right? Wrong this game is one of the best games a person can ever play. It’s very long which is a plus and just thinking about how the missions were thought of and how well the storyline was made makes your mind boggle, I mean they got a custom radio in that game with amazing songs.


The game was and is far ahead of its time because of the sheer details that developers have added to everything ranging from FPS, world building, story, physics and game mechanics, cars, characters, and a lot more.

As if this wasn’t enough, now GTA Online is an MMORPG where you can create your own character and do activities and missions with friends. It is just so vast and also has tons of new cars!

Since Grand Theft Auto Online (GTAO)’s RELEASE, the game has received several updates, ranging from customizable races that would make any person who grew up with the Hot Wheels scream in joy, more replicas, and mashups of existing cars available for purchase than the average player knows what to do with, to a casino and purchasable high – end apartments that allow you to plan heists with your friends. That being said, if you’re new to this game, you’re going to be extremely overwhelmed for what is major update upon major update, and phone calls upon phone calls telling you to buy a facility or a bunker. That, combined with the abysmal loading times (which has been dubbed by the player base as “Cloud Simulator 2013”), is something that will ward off many players.

This game set the bar high for other open-world games that came out after it and still is a standard for future games.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is an enjoyable game where one could be spending over an hour playing the story mode/online. The game does place a heavy emphasis on doing illegal things to progress yourself through the game and that may disturb some players but that is to be expected with this series.

Recently, the online component has been advanced to levels that mirror some real-life elements such as opening nightclubs and owning various properties. Both components of the game offer enjoyable elements. Overall, Grand Theft Auto 5 offers something for everyone albeit the time consumption required for both online/story modes in the game.


The most optimistic release date for GTA 6 would be late 2020 .The singleplayer campaign was hand down one of the most engaging experiences one can ever have which makes everone wonder how they’re going to top it with GTA 6!

Computer Game

Valorant 1.0 official patch note

For the major 1.0 launch update, VALORANT’s patch notes have been updated, providing an overview of the improvements after the test.

Valorant Patch Notes1.0: All Agent Changes: 

Omen: Controls for dark cover are now updated to allow Omen to increase the smoke distance by the primary fire key, reduce the distance by the secondary fire key, and throw smoke by the fire key.The Dark Cover helps Omen to reach a “phaser” area, where they can look and put cigarettes through the walls.

Valorant 1.0

Phoenix: Duration of the blaze rose from 6 seconds to 8 seconds, and loss decreased every 0.033 seconds from 15 per 0.25 seconds to 1 second. The curveball total flash-length rose from 0.8 to 1.1 seconds, from 3 per 0.25 seconds to 1, all 0.16 sec. Healing of Hot Hands decreased every 0.25 seconds from 3 every 0.08 seconds to 1 every 0.08 seconds.

Jett: The duration of the Cloud Burst smoke rose from 4 to 7 seconds. After being briefly disclosed, Tailwind automatically breaks Cypher’s Tripwires.

Raze: The maximum range of damage reduced from 2 to 1 meter. Blast Pack.

Sage: The wellbeing section Boundary Orb has dropped by 1000 to 800. Barrier Orb length has been shortened from 40 to 30 seconds. Barrier Orb per team leader only shows in the mini-map.

New Map and Map Changes in Valorant: The new map introduced to the game is Ascent. It is situated in Italy and has a large, open center field that can be skirmished by both teams. Mid is a complex playground and gives attackers more routes to both Spike sites to effectively track the field. In Split, the break mid shock was restructured to free. All maps have been adjusted for exploits and collisions.

Valorant Performance Fixes: Multiple causes have been tackled of frame rate drops in combat. These improvements should help the Valorant game feel more smooth, especially in high-end PC combat situations. Reduced z-ping and death ping costs by 10 times. Fixed bug which caused 90 casts of ray at pinging per second. Visible elements optimized minimum. Right error to measure the mini-map twice for each frame.

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PubG Added Bots To Help Game Easy

Hardcore PUBG players understand the sport inside-and-out so entirely that some new gamers logging in are instant mincemeat. Nope! Instead, AI-controlled robots that newcomer players can sew are likely to be blended into games moving forward. Following is somewhat more under-the-hood detail about how these robots will do the job.

In a usual PUBG game, players frequently traverse many different terrains, such as open areas, cities, rivers, as well as mountains. Without getting too complicated, the motion of our bots is regulated by what is known as navigation meshes. Consider navigation meshes as bounds where the bots can move within.

Source: Dot Esports

For every one of these maps, large or little, much focus needed to be placed into carefully lay outside these navigation cubes on each corner of our plans in a manner that prevents robots from throwing themselves from a cliff or anything else, while humorous, does not line up with its planned functions. With these navigation loopholes set up, the bots always keep an eye out for ecological dangers and purposes towards finding the shortest path to its destination.

PUBG players participate in firefights across all kinds of spaces from draining buildings out into all those sweet long-range Kar98k headshots. No matter what space is a critical component which makes shooting PUBG so enjoyable is the bullet physics, and also we wanted to integrate that into the robots’ shooting too? This signifies that gamers are going to have the ability to dodge the robots’ bullets should they use precisely the same evasive maneuvers as they want in any firefight. However, naturally, a computer could nevertheless be better in calculating bullet trajectory, so systems have been set in to ensure the bots’ precision differs based on scope.

When our bots have an excessive amount of loot, it may negatively affect the equilibrium of our games. If our robots possess too small loot or loot that would not be suitable for the stage at a match, it might appear unrealistic. 

Do not worry, if you’re a hardcore PUBG participant, you will still mostly be playing against real people; since the amount of bots is tuned down since the MMR (match-making score) moves up. Thus far, robots are being added into the console variants of PUBG, but that I would not be surprised to see them visit PC should they wind up serving their goal.

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God of War 5: How Different God of War 5 Would Be From Others And The Release Date Worldwide

God of War was created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica studio is an action-adventure game series. God of War first made its appearance on the PlayStation 2 in the year 2005 and since its debut on the PlayStation God of War is one of the flagship titles for the PlayStation brand. God of War comprises of eight games across numerous platforms.

The first seven games are based on the Greek era of the mythology. The God of War (2018) installment is based on the Norse Era. The main trilogy consists of God of War (2005), God of War II (2007), God of War III (2010). The first two part of the trilogy was released on PlayStation 2 while the final part was released on PlayStation 3.

god of war season 5
Source: US Updates

God of War game series is based on ancient mythology, where the story revolves around Kratos, who is a Spartan warrior. Kratos was created by the Greek God of War Ares and who was his former master that led Kratos to kill his family members. Due to this killing, it starts a series of events that prompts wars with the mythological pantheons.

In the Greek Mythology era part of the game shows how Kratos is seeking revenge due to the machinations of the Olympian Gods. The Norse Mythology era of the series has introduced Kratos son Atreus as a second warrior. This era also shows how Kratos is looking for redemption which brings him and his son into conflict with the Norse Gods

god of war season 5
Source: Game Rant

The developer of the game is yet to confirm the release date of the God of War 5. But there is a high chance of a teaser for the announcement of the game to be released soon by the developers. The game director Cory Barlog has mentioned that it might take another couple of years for the new installment of God of War to release.

Gamers can expect new enemies will surface to fight; the players might have to learn new combat techniques to win the war. In God of War 5, one will get to know whether the conflict between Kratos and Atreus will bring about Ragnarok, or they both will keep their differences aside and work together.