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Amazon will make a new series based on the movie “A league of their own” 

Amazon Studios have declared a new project which will an hour-long series. It will base on the film A league of their own.

This project will be done under their executive producers and the famous co-creator Abbi Jacobson and will be starring graham.

About the film 

This sports comedy-drama film that was directed by an American director and who has a big name in the film industry, Penny Marshall.

This film receives a rating of 7.3 on IMDB, 67% on metacentric, and 78% on rotten tomatoes.

This movie has a great star cast and has big personalities like David Strathairn, Garry Marshall, Bill Pullman, Rosie O’Donnell, Lori Petty, Jon Lovitz, Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna.

This sports comedy tells about the starting of the first (AAGPBL) women baseball league.

This film is so successful that it had archived award by the national film registry of the united states.

In the lead role of the film, we see Dottie and Kit who were the head of the first women baseball team.

They have to win a professional baseball league with their teammates. They were also forced to take coaching from an alcoholic person.

About the series of Amazon 

A statement by Amazon that this series will show our love for the great Penny Marshall’s and her efforts. 

This series will motivate the other girls who watch a dream to play professional baseball and help them to achieve their dreams.

This series will bring out the bitter truth of industry that how much a new member faced difficulties.

They have to suffer sexuality and have to follow a zig zag path to get a chance to prove themself.

A statement by Amazon that almost 28 years before the Penny Marshall came to us and told us a story of women playing professional baseball league.

They have always looked like a largely obsessed with the story of the film like everyone else.

After all that we have approached the Sony approx 3 years ago with a new of telling the overlooked stories set.

Now with the help of a great talented team of collaborators, an epic star cast, and the biggest support of the Amazon production hub.

The project is going under the eyes of the executive producers of this film Abbi Jacobson, Will Graham, and Hailey Wierenga.

This series will depend on the old classic movie and will retrieve the talent with the twist of the new generation which will make it better.

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5 of the best shows ready to stream on amazon prime

How much do you expect, amazon would have the numbers in the list of Shows?

Guess what, there is no data over the internet!

Haha- although in my guess it has thousands of shows over there or maybe more that of that.

But the question is, how many are the best ones!

Over here I am going to list down 5 of the best shows from amazon shows list that is ready to stream now.

A Very English Scandal

How thus this story sounds like, I was in love with a gay and was enjoying but things went out of control when he shared the things publicly.

The same is the story of this series, a politician tries to kill his love for the reputation and career. Moreover, things went something else when he survived and shared it with the public.

Here is the trailer:

The Boys

The superheroes tales, Who not loves those superpowers and the burning energy in veins, But hey now you hate.

Yeah, you are going to hate superheroes because this series is based on those superheroes who try to cover up their bad things by fame and money.

Here powerless boys are there to save the world, standing against the superheroes to put their identity out.

You will love this show but unfortunately going to hate the superheroes.

Here is the trailer:

Mozart in the Jungle

A story of a drunk musician who is great by his talent and hired to conduct the New York Symphony.

He is little crazy by his skill and no-one of like him is their anymore. This drama show is really something extra you have ever watched.

Here is the trailer:


A series shows the life of a memoryless lady, I mean who had lost her memory and now in try to make her new life.

She not even remember her name and is in shock with some hazy pictures roaming in her brain.

Here is the trailer:


An animated series as of Bojack Horseman which will take you to an amazing story of a time-traveling.

A young 28-year lady got an accident and after that, she was able to see her father teaching her how to time travel.

He wants her daughter go back to time and change everything, His death.

The graphics are well and with that the story too.

Here is the trailer:

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5 Best Indian Movies and web series releasing this August

It was the time when streaming platforms were full of Hollywood and Arabic web series and movies.

As of the last few years, things have been drastically changed. Indian movies and series have made it based on the streaming platforms. Now there is a blockbuster space for the Bollywood industry on the platform.

There are jaw-dropping series from India to make your mouth wide open with wow.

Although, let have a look at Indian movies and series releasing this month(August).

Here is the list of Indian movies and series releasing this august:

1) Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

This movie streams the girl from the movie Dhadak, Janvi Kapoor. Earlier in her movies, she had performed amazingly and now she is back with her new role.

This movie features the life of Indian first combat pilot, Gunjan Saxena.

Moreover, this movie is going to release on Netflix and on 12 August.

The producers are Dharma production and zee. And it is produced by Karan Johar and Zee Studios.

And obviously this movie would be in India’s native language Hindi.

2) Bandish Bandits

A musical movie were songs in the leading thing, You can co-relate this movie with a Hollywood movie If I stay.

The same story is there where an actor Radhe is a classical singer. He meets a hip hop singer Tammana.

This movie takes you in the world of hip hop with a touch of Indian classical. Some amazing singers are there in the back of this movie, Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy.

The soundtracks are already released with the same; today this movie is going to release.

Release date: 4th august

It’s available to stream on amazon prime.

3) Abhay 2

It is a zee5 show featuring Kunql khemu. Although it is the second part and releasing on 14 August.

More season 1 is having 8 episodes and now it will be on screen with season 2.

4) Khuda haafiz

A movie where the rough and tough guy being featured, Vidyut Jammwal.

Although, This is no doubt that it is an action movie as earlier by Vidyut Jammwal and the story is based on the missing.

His wife is missing with some uncertain reason.

Moreover, Vidyut plays the role of Samir Choudary in this movie and we can watch this movie on-screen, 14th august.

This movie will available to stream on Disney+Hostar.

5) Pareeksha

A true Indian story that comments on the education system. The story is based on the life of a student whose father is a rickshaw puller.

He had given everything to educate his son and prepare him for his exam.

This movie will inspire you from the core of you and will be available to stream on zee5.

Moreover, The release date is not yet confirmed but you can watch its trailer:








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Amazon announces a concert named ‘Bandish Bandits’

Musical concert “Bandish Bandits will start streaming on 5th August.

Amazon Prime Video streamer has announced a digital concert on the occasion of the launch of its new series, Bandish Bandits.

About the concert 

This musical event on the release of bandish bandits will be a live stream on 5th August and on the Amazon official Facebook and YouTube page.

This concert will be overruled by the lead composer trio, Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

Moreover, it will have acts from famous names of the Indian music industry like Mahadevan, Mame Khan, Jonita Gandhi, Pratibha Singh Baghel, Prateek Kuhad, Shivam, Ravi Mishra, and Armaan Malik.

Although this concert will be a melange of music like classical and pop music.

And it is going to start with the most lovable soundtrack of bandish bandits and later it will be joined by the hits given by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Prateek Kuhad.

The response to the soundtrack of the bandish bandits is amazing and most of the viewers loved the soundtrack very much.

About the series

This album will be an interesting and exotic amalgamation of music like classical and pop. It also consists of the extraordinary melodies of Indian classical music with the twist of some peppy tracks.

Moreover, This series is a love story between two musical people who belong to a different musical background.

This awesome series Bandish bandit has been created and produced by the Amritpal Singh Bindra.

This series starring Shreya Chaudhry and Ritwik Bhowmik in the lead role and this will be available to stream from August 4.

Promotions and tweets

A statement from the music trio states that they are truly thrilled by the reaction they have received for the soundtracks.

They are very happy as got a chance to perform some of the best music of bandish bandits said in a statement by the trio music composer.

Moreover, Aparna Purohit, as she was the head of the Amazon prime video in India said that the soundtrack has been received by the audiences.

This is a really special album and the concert for us as this will be the first musical series by Amazon and Shankar Ehsaan Loy. It has completely checked the story of Bandish Bandits with their melodious soundtrack.

She also said, ” They are excited about the bandish bandits and they can’t wait for the moments when the viwers will deeply immerse themselves in the melodious and colorful soundtrack of this series”.

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The most awaited show “Malcolm in the middle” will be available on Amazon 

The most awaited show Malcolm in the middle is going to be released very soon on the online streaming platform. It will be on Amazon prime video.

This show has won many awards; Peabody award, the most popular Grammy award, and was nominated seven times for the golden globe.

The show was produced by the Satin City and Regency Television. It has been with the association of the most famous studio Fox television.

This show receives a rating of 8 on IMDb and 8.9 on and has awesome lovable comments by its viewers.

Malcolm in the middle has a star cast of world-class actors like Jane Kaczmarek, Erik Per Sullivan Bryan Cranston, Justin Berfield, Frankie Muniz, and Christopher Masterson.

This series released its first episode on 9 January 2000. It ended making a huge success and great fan following on 14 May 2006. 

This show has gained very much popularity in its 6 years with a total number of seven seasons.


This show features a boy named Malcolm who was very bright in his studies and has an intelligent mind.

He lives with his dysfunctional working family and he faces many difficulties in his childhood because of being middle class.

As born with intelligence as a God gift he has to take the special classes to give the shape to his talent.

Release date

This great news is quickly getting on fire by its fans who are waiting for this film.

This show is going to be released on 14 August 2020, on Amazon prime video. All of you will be able to watch the movie as if you are the subscriber of the Amazon prime.

Moreover, A statement was given by neutron ” All the season of the Malcolm in the middle will be available on Amazon prime from 14 August.

The main reason why most of the people are excited about this is the Clark video.

So if you want to watch this show again and again then start subscribing to the amazon prime video as all the 150 approx episodes of this series will be available on Amazon.

Moreover, A tweet from the fan ” My hard disk has now taken breathe as Malcolm in the middle is now going online”.

So now I think that you will be excited to watch the show Malcolm in the middle on 14 August.

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Now the wait ends for the animal kingdom season 4

As the story of the animal kingdom is based on a criminal clan that was lead by the grandmother and the death of his mother. He also joined the clan because of his grandmother’s wish.

Moreover, The animal kingdom receives a rating of 8.2 on IMDB which is very good and 8.9 from

Animal kingdom season 4

Great news for all the animal kingdom lover, the season four of the series animal kingdom is now available for streaming. You can stream the season this weekend on Amazon prime and can chill with it.

You can also watch all episodes of season four as it connected with all the previous three seasons of the animal kingdom. 

Although, As we all are still waiting for the animal kingdom season five but because of this pandemic Lockdown, there are some episodes whose shooting is still incomplete.

This is not clear by the producers or any team members that when will the season five of the animal kingdom is going to release or when our wait will finally end and we can it.

Unraveling season 4

I will try to keep the overview of the story spoiler-free as I don’t spoil your interest and mood before watching season four.

So, the story starts with the Codys as he was trying to pull the most ambitious bank robbery which happened yet in the previous season. Can this go without the catch?

Then we see the most lovable character Deran as he wants Adrian to get settle and he involves Adrian their family business.

However the second member of the family J, as always he is trying to get a new identity outside the family.

He was not doing this to get escape from the family but because he has a bigger plan to achieve.

In this season there is more flashback of Smurf throughout, It makes it feels boring.

For the fans of Emily, she plays the role of Angela who has a connection with the family of Cody.

So this is a small and descriptive overview of season four of the animal kingdom and it is really fun to see the characters. The characters have worked for years on different platforms.

You should watch the season as it is more worth than I have told you about.


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5 New Web series that will be ready to Stream in India

There is nothing to do during the lockdown, but except one thing many are doing right now is watching shows.

With the increase in popularity of streaming services, the culture of binge-watching has become very common.

The shooting of some movies resuming but the inability to release movies in theatres is still in effect, hence there is a lot to look forward to in streaming services.

With a Bollywood movie premiering solely in amazon prime, and many other movies following this, Let us look at what to watch in the coming weeks.

Get ready to binge 

1.Shakuntala Devi: The Human Computer

This movie starring Vidya Balan is a biopic on Shakunthala Devi, an extremely gifted woman who has a knack for mathematics.

She is able to do complex math sums in a matter of seconds, at times even beating a computer, hence giving her the name The Human-computer.

The movie is expected to release on July 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts is a series of movies set in the Harry Potter World but as a prequel. 

The series is said to have 3 movies, and this is the second one. Even though this is not as exciting as the harry potter franchise, its still worth the watch.

The story is set where Dumbeldore is young and after his nemesis Grindlewald, with the help of Newt, a wizard who specializes in mythical beasts.

Releases on July 15 on Netflix.

3. Dark Desire 

A Married woman spends a weekend away from home and even though her passion is reignited initially, tragedy strikes soon.

In grief, she starts to wonder about the true nature of herself and those around her after discovering her husband might be cheating on her with his assistant.

This series is said to be filled with tragedy, romance, and misfortune and is planned to be released on July 15 on Netflix.

4. Fatal Affair

A young lawyer tries to repair her marriage after going through some personal problems.

But soon things take a turn when she runs into her ex-lover who takes her attention. Soon she realizes her ex-lover isn’t all that it seems but has a dark and obsessive behavior.

The movie is a psychological thriller that contains violence and crime and is to be released on Netflix on July 16.

5. Cursed

This is a retelling of the legend of Arthur but does not focus mainly on King Arthur himself but rather on a sorceress named Nimue.

Instead of King Arthur, Nimune picks up the sword in the rock and meets a young mercenary named Arthur on a mission to save the people.

Expected to be aired on Netflix on July 17.

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“The Crown Season 4”, When it will be on screen and How many seasons would be there!

Having a look into the life of the Royal family of Britan, who not want it, But very less knows the story of them.

The whole world wanna live there lifestyle but none of one knows the problems and the situation they go through.

“The crown”, Netflix original is featuring the story of royals family since 2016 and now there is a total 3 season been featured on Netflix.

Each season was suspicious and been watched by viewers all over the world.

But now the question is, Is there would be 4th season of “The Crown” and If would be then when it is releasing?

Viewers are eagerly waiting to drove through the stories of the Royal family and queen Elisabeth.

There been good appreciation for the last 3 seasons an for that 4th season is going to be there.

The production had already been started and things are on its peak line.

The cast is almost the same from the previous session, Olivia Colman, as Queen Elizabeth II, Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, Josh O’ Connor as Prince Charles and others.

But furthermore, There are also some new entries in the series, Lady Diana Spencer, Gillian Anderson, and some others.

When The 4th season will be on screen?

Creator and writer of “The Crown” had begun the production process but there is no specific date provided by officials.

The hope is for releasing in the calendar of this year but maybe the things going be shifted due to Coronavirus pandemic.

A glimpse into the story of season 4.

Season 4 would mostly be based on the story of ’80s and ’90s, featuring the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana.

It is also possible that we can watch the first year spent by Prince William and Harry.

How many seasons will be there of “The Crown”?

Netflix had posted that they had renewed the seasons of “The crown” up to 6, and the post was released yesterday on the official page.

Its all due to the appreciation and excitement of Viewers for watching this historical story & Drama.

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Movies which would be on Netflix and on Amazon Prime this week

The whole world is badly affected by this tiny virus COVID-19 that not even seen by Naked eyes. Everything is closed and No movies are there in the cinemas, but in a streaming platform, it is raining of movies and series.

Every day there is something new, Something more interesting and the latest on the screen.

The contents are regularly updating on a daily basis and Producers are even launching their movies on these platforms.

So, This week there been a lot of movies released on a different platform, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, HBO, and a lot more.

But Over here we are going to have a look on,

Movies which would be on Netflix and on Amazon prime this week

A 2010 movie featuring paul rud is going to be on Netflix screen this week. This is a comedy/Drama movie which fails to represent its identity on Screen and thus its flops.

Although we can check the performance on the Netflix screen.

More about It:

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson

Release date:13 Dec 2010

When would be on Netflix: July 7

The Lorax

2012 animated movie featuring Jack Efron in the Voice of TED. This movie was good at the screen and it is coming on Netflix screen this week.

More about It:

Cast: Jack Efron, Taylor Swift, Ed Helms, Dani DeVito

Release date:18 May 2012

When would be on Netflix: July 7

Born racer

A documentary based on the life of Scott Dixon and the Ganassi racing team, A 4 times IndyCar World Champion.

Its the story of how they handle the situations, They defeat it and win.

More about It:

Cast: Dario Franchitti, Chip Ganassi, Tony Kanaan, Scott Dixon Actor

Release date:02 Oct 2018

When would be on Netflix: July 8

Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado

A story of Puerto Rican astrologer and psychic Walter Mercado, Their real-life story, Their fame, and the success.

This is a 2020 movie and can be seen on Netflix this week.

More about It:

Cast: Walter Mercado, Eugenio Derbez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Raúl De Molina

Release date:24 Jan 2020

When would be on Netflix: July 8

The long Dumb road

A 2018 movie featuring Tony Revolori, A famous character From Movie The Grand Budapest hotel.

This is going to be available on Netflix this week.

More about It:

Cast: Jason Mantzoukas, Tony Revolori, Taissa Farmiga

Release date:26 Jan 2018

When would be on Netflix: July 8

The Tourist

The tourist featuring the famous actor Jhonny Deep, well known as Jack sparrow from pirate of Caribean.

This is a 2010 action, thriller movie and would be on Amazon Prime.

More about It:

Cast: Jhonny deep, Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany

Release date:8 Dec 2010

When would be on amazon prime: July 7

The kid from Coney Island

A movie on the life and the career of former NBA basketball player Stephon Marbury. This is a 2019 movie and would be on Netflix this week.

More about It:

Cast: Stephon Marbury

Release date:27 April 2019

When would be on Netflix: July 6

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Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Profile Feature

There been seen a lot of features provided by amazon to its prime members, Like- One-day delivery, Free access to Amazon prime videos, and lots more. But nowadays one of the most interesting features that were limited in some of the countries including India is now Globally available.

This feature allows you to make different accounts, Nearby six at the time.  In simple words, you can create 6 different accounts at a time and can set things accordingly.

You can also create a special account for kids, friends, and family members. You can lock the things which look irrelevant to you.

Especially for kids, You can switch on to protected mode where adult contents would be inaccessible.

You can also lock the particular content that you think is not appropriate for the separate account.  Simply it would be needed to add a parental lock and that’s it, Everything would be in your control.

You can operate your Living room TV contents by your main device, and make the things accessible or not accessible by just a parental lock.

The accessibility of checking history and time spent is also available with this feature. You can check the limit of time spent by your kid and on which content, afterward you can take further actions.

This feature was earlier available to India, Africa, and a few other countries but Now the United States, Uk, and all other countries can take its benefits.

For the availability, it can be accessible in the Prime Video app, Fire tablet, and the apps of fire TV.

Although we had noticed this feature on Netflix where 5 people can use the Netflix content at a time.

How to take its benefits?

This feature is helpful for college buddies, 6 guys can take benefits at the cost of a single one.

Going for a little bit math then, One-year subscription cost of amazon prime in the US is nearby $119

So, if it divided into six guys then it would be near Only $20 for each.

So in $20 you and your friends can enjoy the benefits of amazon prime subscription.