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Cara Buono : The Stranger Things Fame

Cara Buono, best known for her roles as DR. Faye Miller in the fourth season of the series Mad Men, is a famous American Actress.she has also given appearance in the science-horror fiction, THE STRANGER THINGS  as Karen Wheeler and have appeared in the films like THE HULK(2003) and LET ME IN(2010). Graduating from Columbia University, the actress made her acting debut in Harvey Fierstein‘s play Spookhouse when she was 12. Cana has been grown up in the Bronx and both of her parents are Italian.

Cara started her film career from the movie Waterland (1992) which was opposite ton Ethan Hawke and Jeremy Irons.

Her majority of the work had been seen in Indie films such as Chutney popcorn(1999), two ninas(1999).

She also performed a small role in the movie DEEP IN MY HEART(1999), in which she acted as a young Gerry Cummins.

Cara has also appeared as Kelli, the wife of Christopher Moltisanti in the two-part final season of the HBO drama series THE SOPRANOS, which aired in 2006 and 2007.

She has also received a nomination for outstanding guest actress in a drama series in 2011.

More on Cara Buono style

Cara Buono is a big believer in the adaptable fashion yet she seems to like fashion which is always elegant and classy. Her private style is always simple and Whimsical. During a VOGUE interview, she told the reporter that her biggest fashion faux pas was purple hair in her 7th grade.

She defines her style as simple, sexy, and smart. Along with being her own fashion icon, she seems to admire Katherine Hepburn who refused to wear makeup and wore pantsuits.

She seems to admire many fashion designers like  Valentino, Suno, Armani, Jmendel, Jason Wu, Stella McCartney.

Along with her simple and elegant fashion styles, she is a person who loves to discover new things.

On being asked about the working experience with Don Draper, she answered that she is not afraid of working with challenging, powerful men or women. She told the reported that it helps bring her competitive part out for better performances. She also mentioned that John Malkovich was the biggest inspiration for her when she saw him in BURN THIS by Lanford Wilson. She described him as fiery, emotionally raw that intrigued her so much

She mentions that her success is brought by her tenacity and a sense of humour.


Cara Buono has married Peter Thum, the founder of Ethos Water.she told that her love story began on plane where these two fell in love with each other.



With the recovery from the lockdown restrictions ,the theatres and halls are deciding to reopen themselves .This pandemic has shakened the movie theatres and the film industries are struggling to adapt themselves in this new change.Many of the movies have been postponed to last 2020s or early 2021s.

Theatres across the country have been shut down since march .But as the lockdown restriction are loosening ,many of the studious are thinking of reopening their theatres .It is quite visible that they want to get movies in their halls as soon as possible.

The Covid Impact

Many of the protocols and precautions have been introduced to make the audience entry enable .But Doctors advisory are the opposite.They don’t think that these protocols and precautions would prove to be helpful in the non -transmission of the virus.

Doctors says that virus is easily transmitted where there is forced air such as air conditioned room or halls.These would therefore encourage the virus to grow rapidly among people.

Many epidemiologists still consider that watching movie out is still unsafe than watching it in your own living room.Their understandings suggests that the virus could be transmitted through the aeresolized droplets that come out of the mouth.Gathering a handful amount of audience in the halls can prove to be dangerous and can cause hazardous exposure.

Dr. Ravina Kullar, a los Angeles –based infectious disease specialist said ,”There has not been a drop or a plateau and that is a concern.I don’t see any changes in a positive direction”.

Many of them suggests that it is nearly impossible to keep account on the people wearing masks as lights go down.Well this is not the only problem.There is air conditioner.The primary way coronavirus is transmitted is through the exchange of infected droplets.The forced air could increase the transmission of virus.

Hence, with the estimation and growing cases ,doctors and experts are advising not to go out to see movies any time sooner.



The sleepover movie with the cinematography of the back 2000s movie is a family drama comedy. With the crazy adventure and fun comedy, it perfectly fits well on the Netflix.

With the blend of genres ,it creates an interesting question: DO WE ACTUALLY KNOW OUR PARENTS??

The movie presents another typical teen drama with some major differences.With a touch of nostalgic days,this movie does not get boring anywhere. It starts with two teen age siblings Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and Kevin (Maxwell simkins)n who recently got to know about their mother being a former thief! Ofcourse this set a storm in their life and they try to digest the circumstance.

But the plot gets twisted when their parents gets kidnapped and these children try to solve the matter like young adults in order to rescue her.Besides ,kids acting as young responsible adults ,parents here are visualized as super cool and adventurous which make this movie more interesting.

While parents acting as kids and kids acting as responsible adults gives a cute touch to this movie and creates a harmless comedy within.Clancy being a character that has been seen in many films having a high school crush and Kevin being the annoying little sibling makes the whole family sound crazy and fun !!

Unlike many of the other movies,the characters don’t encourage the teenagers to lie.The adult characters are also shown in the movie admitting the fact that their kids are growing.Along with giving lessons,the movie does not get boring or slow nowhere and will give you plenty of giggles.

The storyline is written so well but unfortunately it didn’t get much higher ratings.But if you are a fan of teen drama or 2000s movies ,this is a must watch as it assembles too many genres in it making it a worth to watch.

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The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

This has been quite a significant week on Netflix for the movies, even with the riff-raff we have filtered through and picked out four incredible new movies for you to look at.

In the event if you have missed any of the releases, you can locate a full week by week recap here, you can also find more movie recommendations from a week ago here.

Straight Up (2019)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: James Sweeney

Cast: Katie Findlay, Tracie Thoms, Randall Park, Betsy Brandt

Runtime: 95 min

The rom-com features two individuals sharing an imperfect relationship where he is gay. However, she doesn’t mind, and it is just the way they like it.

Reviews are fairly positive, holding a 6.4 IMDb rating and 65 on Metacritic.

Quite an alternative for Hulu’s love victor

Ride Like a Girl (2019)

Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport

The Director: Rachel Griffiths

Cast:  Sam Neill, Aaron Glenane, Sullivan Stapleton, Teresa Palmer

The Runtime: 98 min

A brilliant family drama from Australia is a tale of a young girl who wins her desired Melbourne Cup defeating her other 9 siblings. Hence, Teresa Palmer is seen displaying her acting abilities on a small budget inspirational story.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)

Genre: Comedy

The Director: David Dobkin

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Rachel McAdams, Jamie Demetriou, Will Ferrell

Writer: Andrew Steele, Will Ferrell

The Runtime: 123 mins

Netflix’s original movie of the week is this comedy movie based on the European Eurovision song contest.

With something to offer for everyone, it’s an elite star-cast, exceptional guest appearances and an amazing soundtrack. However, Worth a watch if you are a Ferrel fan and looking for something different.

Woodshock (2017)

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: Kate Mulleavy, Laura Mulleavy

Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Joe Cole, Pilou Asbæk, Steph DuVall

Runtime: 100 min

Having an interest in controversies, Woodshock is all you are looking for, it truly has divided the crowd at the hour of release and continues to do so. Actress Kristen Dunst plays a woman who is losing track of reality while taking new medications. Moreover, It was added last Sunday.

Wasp Network

Genre: Thriller

The Director: Olivier Assayas

Cast: Wagner Moura, Ana de Armas, Gael García Bernal, Penélope Cruz

The Writer: Olivier Assayas

Runtime: 123 min

A wasp network and Netflix’s original that has been persistent on the top 10 charts, has been featured on Netflix last week and due to its growing effect, we are featuring it again this week. Thus, this thriller is based on a true story, following Cuban spies and infiltrating various exile groups and has an exceptional name attached. 

Amazon Prime

The Very Excellent Mr.Dundee to Release on Amazon Prime Video

The spectacular movie (Very Excellent Mr.Dundee) in a comedy genre is based on a fictional character of Paul Hogan. The character is shown dealing with the spotlight after a phase of calm retirement. Paul’s granddaughter Lucy discovers that he has offered a knighthood for the services that he rendered to comedy.

She tells her friends with enthusiasm and Paul has to accept the offer, despite his reservations. Before the ceremony, he has to maintain his reputation by staying out of trouble, but this is not how things unfold. 

Some brilliant talents act alongside Stent and Hoges, including Olivia Newton-John, Julia Morris, John Cleese. Also Shane Jacobson, Chevy Chase, Jim Jefferies, Rachael Carpani, Wayne Knight, and Reggie VelJognson.

Murphy and Robert Mond co-wrote this intriguing script and Nigel Odell produced it with Murphy as well. It was originally meant distribute by Transmission Films, with a date set for April 30 in theatres. This was before the pandemic hit.

Fruitful Associations For Amazon

Amazon Prime Video’s Tyler Bern, the head of content, says that it is a proud opportunity for them to associate with Transmission Films. As their team has a great history of discovering Australian storytelling in different genres to support the local film industry. 

Hogan takes the unprecedented situation in positivity, comparing the difference in audience and exposure between how people watch him on black and white. Tiny teles and how they shall now watch on an 80-inch screen in the best digital quality. The theatre release removed from possibility will increase the number of people watching The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, owing to Amazon Prime Video’ support towards authentic Australian content. 

The change in plans due to Covid-19 has been accepted with a lot of positivity and enthusiasm. The film industry may changed in a permanent manner due to this pandemic and such an attitude may go a long way. 

It has also been claimed that part of the movie is absolute fiction and part of it is factual. The smooth structure and performance do not allow the difference to be visible. Murphy feels that during these times, the world needs to laugh and feel better and Hoges is the best person to be able to deliver!


Side Effects Of Watching Netflix And Tv By Researchers In 3D Model

We all know that there is a side-effect of watching Tv or Netflix. And we also know that we never have taken care of these things in our life. However, what if I tell the truth that you do but you don’t know.

Before going to that I want to tell you the 3d creation of OnlineGambling that shows the human posture after watching TV and Netflix for long hours.

Not having a proper diet and not doing exercise make the human’s body to lose its strength, It makes the posture look odd. And Premature aging is also one of its side effects.

The inactiveness in the body causes the risk of Bowel cancer, Rounded shoulder, and poor-posture.

Talking about corona-virus lockdown then it had affected deeply our lifestyle. People are now more using cell phones. They preferring video calls for chat which are gradually taking the brightness of the eyes.

According to the business today there is a total 80% increment in the use of social media these days which means more laziness in the body.

Work from home is really a good idea but the way it had affected the body is really bad. People are less active nowadays. And they are spending more time on electronic gadgets.

As per the survey in Germany, Uk and US found that 44% of people are using Streaming services than video calls, video games, and other things.

Side Effects Of Watching Netflix in 3D

The time with electronic gadgets becomes the cause in an increment of Eye stress, Less focus on work, and many things.

The cells are getting old faster and the risk of Diseases is getting high. The age limit is decreasing gradually due to these things.

As from the studies it is also found that people nowadays are not more interested in having sex, The reason is the stress caused by gadgets and work. 

And as per the survey done in 2019, it is found that average persons are spending there 78,000 hours of time from their life on watching television. And the shocking thing is this that they spend 3000 hours in thinking about what to watch!!

Guess in this way, In a day there are a total of 24 hours and in that humans, on average sleep 8 hours and in rest hours they do their work.

In those work on an average of 3 to 4 hours are wasted in managing stuff and in moving here and there. And in the rest 12 hours, they do almost 4 to 6 hours of work. In rest time 3 to 4 hours they use the electronic gadget and streams videos.

And now these days, these streaming time is far increased which is beyond human health. The extra time of 3 to 4 hours is being added. The sleeping time has decreased because there is noo work that makes the body feel tired.

All are getting lazy and streaming services are increasing there shows day by day which binds the eyes to watch more.


Katherine Langford In Netflix Series Cursed

Katherine Langford has started her career as Hannah Baker in 13 reasons why “a show of Netflix Series”. This series of Katherine was on the story of a girl who takes her life and left 13 tapes where she has given the 13 reasons why she took her life.

This series of Netflix made her entire carrier and furthermore seasons of this series made. In the rest seasons, there was the story of appearance in court, Murder of Bruce walker. And right now the fourth season of 13 reasons why launched on Netflix.

In two seasons Katherine was there and in rest, there was her story.

Truly say then The acting done by her was amazing and she makes lots of heart to bloom for her by this series.

Talking about Netflix’s launched series Cursed then in that she is in the lead role but it is quite different from her past made series. Rather than taking her life due to bullying, she is now having a sword in her hand by Grabbing the magical power of it.

This series based on a book written by Tv writer Tom wheeler and acclaimed comics writer and illustrator Frank Miller. And the producers of this series are also the same, Frank miller and Tom wheeler, 

As you talk about the launch date of this series then it was on 17 June on Netflix screen.

In this series, she is in the role of Nimue(The lady of a lake). This series is about the re-imagining of Arthurian Legends. Not king Auther in which Arthur retrieves the sword from the lady of the lake. In this series, all power is in the hand of the lady of the lake rather than of Arthur.

The shooting of this series had been done on beauty-full regions like Albury park in surrey, Clearwell caves in the jungle of Dean, and in Bradford-on-Avon.

Right now 10 episodes are available on Netflix.


Top 3 Scariest Movie On Netflix

Netflix is a world-leading entertainment platform with having 183 million paid users and that’s not surprising about it. It has a vast collection of Scariest movies and series which are available all over the world for movie lovers.

As per the recent data, it has 13300 titles available and every day the numbers are increasing, Extracting from the same data I am going to list down the scariest movie ever which is available on Netflix to stream.

These movies are highly rated and the stories are so cold to watch, If you are enough brave to watch these movies then you are great until I will suggest you to have your partner with you when you are watching these,

So, let’s start with the list


  • The Ring: Most Scariest Movie


This movie is in the top list of horror movie lovers because of the story of a killing tape. Here the tape kills his viewers in just 7 days.

Although it is a remake of the Japanese 1998 movie Ring which is based on a novel by Kozi Suzuki.

This movie is the scariest one in this list and it is going to freeze your breath, and the voice of that girl will going to make your body shake.

Release date: 7 Feb 2003

Director: Gore Verbinski

Cast: Naomi watts, Daveigh chase, David Dorfman, Martin Handerson

IMDb ratings:7.1/10

Liked By google users: 85%


  • The Perfection


This movie is a phycological thriller-horror film of 2019 about a troubled musical prodigy. Its also known as the scariest movie of recent times on Netflix as of its story.

The visuals are amazing in it and the scenes like shaking of nerves inside the hand are really scarious.

The music which is used in it will make you to to feel the horror in your body.

I recommend you use headphones while watching this movie.

Release date: 24 May 2019

Director:  Richard Shepard

Cast: Alison Williams, Logan browning, steven weber, Alaina Huffman

IMDb ratings:6.1/10

Liked By Google users: 78%


  • Train to Bushan

It is a type of Zombie movie where sceneries are crazy. Here a bite of zombie changes the humans into a zombie and the way this movie is made is amazing. You can literally not able to judge the characters by there acting. Zombies and their movements are totally realistic. 

I would recommend you watch this if you want to watch scary movies but not having horror in it.

Release date: 13 May 2016

Director:  Yeon sang-ho

Cast: Gong Yoo, Yeon sang-ho, Ma dong-Seok, Jung Yu-me

IMDb ratings:7.5/10

Liked By Google users:96%

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5 Scariest Characters Ever From Non-scary Movies

I had made the list of 5 Scariest characters from Non-scary movies which make you go back at the time of watching And make you feel the same things, right now.

Watching movies and shows is a source of entertainment and inspiration for me. I love to watch movies and shows which are frictional or something like creativity in it. 

But There was something surprising I have ever seen in top movies and shows which makes me think crazy. I was not even imagining the things that it looks to be like this.

The characters!! It was the movies with Adventure story, No horror was there that I can expect the things to be scary or Something surprising. But it was there!!

So let’s start with the list of scariest character:-

1) Dobby from Harry potter

Oh- I know what you feel like right now, The skinny servant alien-like thing, who was extremely helpless.

This was the first scary character in this list, I actually say then I was not expecting Dobby to be like this and In Harry potter, Which appears suddenly in the movie “Harry porter and Chamber secret series”.

This character was really creative and scary, It makes me feel scarier than I was in watching some horror type movies.

Harry Potter is being always in the top list of any frictional movie lovers. And having Dobby as a servant of Harry gives a more creative touch to the movie. It was an amazing and super scary character for me.

2) Gollum from Hobbit: the unexpected journey

What I say about this character “Gollum” which appears in the mid of the movie  “Hobbit: The unexpected journey”,

It was very much scary!

This movie was like Beautiful scenery, amazing adventure, Perfect character Hobbit, and other things.

But Gobby suddenly appears when Hobbit was leaving the crew, It was unexpected!

And with that the scene when Hobbit was having riddles with that gobby, It was the scariest part of the movie.

3)Edgar the Bug from Men in Black

Watching the movie of Will Smith “Men in Black”, Is a thing that I actually want to become like.

I love the power of the gun used by James Darrell Edwards III / Agent J which is played by Will smith. And It was not sudden for me that Edgar the Bug will be there.

But as that character blast, It was like vomiting. The scariest scene from Men in black. The scariest character.

4)The Bensons (ventriloquist dummies) in Toy Story 4

Toy story is always a great movie that every child remembers. It actually makes the child feel like, really there is life in toys but You know….

The Bensons which appears in the 4th series of Toy story was a scary thing in the whole movie.

5) Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter movies

Again taking back a look to Hary porter, That mice guy Peter Pettigrew. The Pet of Ron weasely. 

I was in the confusion that he is a friend or Hary or not.

But the look of that character was very scary and at the time when he changed to his actual look.


Thes were the five characters from the list and I hope it will make you remember the same scenery and If any of them you have not seen yet then must watch the movies.

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Tiktok Trends, Dressing Up In The Character Of Famous Shows And Movies

Tv shows and movies were started for the purpose of entertainment and Earlier in it, they were having the story of the Daily life. The famous app TikTok lets users recreate the character from their favorite movies/series.

There were the shows of kingdoms story taken from ancient books and the actors were playing the role of king and queens in it. But as technological advancement touches the glove, Film Industries start taking these things seriously, and that seriousness in the Entertainment becomes the source of Bringing creative ideas in the form of characters.

Taking about the shows and movies that anyone on the planet does not even imagine it.  It was the personal idea of someone And the entertainment industry brings that ideas in the form of character.

Movie: The Hary porter (what a creative thing ever made),

Starwars:  “Make people think like it is real”

These are some example of technological advancement which takes us in another world via Entertainment.

And lots of other things are there but for now, we are going for the trends that are now following by TikTok stars.

Netflix Trends Followed by TikTok

Tiktok has always been a platform for crazy challenges and viral things. Trends are always over there which makes people do crazy things.

With the same lots of people get their identity by showing their talent on it. But talking about nowadays on TikTok, there is another trend which is being followed by Tiktok stars. They are doing a makeover of themself in the form of top movies and show characters.

They are dressing up in the characters of Harry porter, Stranger things, Stars wars, and in many top shows and movies character.

Actually say then these trends look to be amazing. As viewers can watch there favorite TikTok stars in the getup of their favorite character from the top listed movie.

This trend is globally following up by top TikTok stars so it is getting viral. Personally, if I say then the dressing up in the character of harry potter. Also, Netflix series stranger things looking to be amazing.

TikTok stars in the costume of Harry from harry porter and Mikee wheeler from strangers things look were Eye-catching looks for me.

When I first go with those trendy videos then I was like An hour over there. I was just scrolling and scrolling down.

Some dress up was actually looking to be realistic as My favorite character was over there.

Viewing @carol.cos in the character from “Stranger things” was totally realistic and the dressed-up being in the character of criminal minds was outstanding.

Viewing @__daineeboii in the character of the most popular show “Game Of Thrones” was amazing and unpredictable for me. I would suggest you go through these videos and you would love these trends.