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Television today is packed full of action and mind-numbing, hero worshiping shows. Framed as good vs evil, often with mind-numbing violence, they are for the most part entertaining level only. Blue Bloods, however, seems to take a little different approach. It has good vs evil, but the story is equally infused with ethical issues, both personal and police, with family interaction, sometimes serious, but worked out through reason and compromise.

One of the best shows on TV and has a fabulous cast and great writers. Blue Bloods deals with many very real issues in all aspects of life in addition to crime. It really has an all-star cast and each Reagan family member has their own distinctive personality. The family means gatherings are more reflective of dinnertime in past decades which is very comforting to watch.


Tom Selleck is an awesome actor and plays his part perfectly. The other cast is on the perfect point of acting and the writing is consistently better than most of the shows.


With over ten seasons, all the episodes are loveable. There are some episodes filled with good learning, teaching lessons, a clean and is family orientated. It’s one of the delightful cop show. The family table scenes and values, traditions are so emotional and pure. Regarding the material of this show, the family is depicted as being in law enforcement when there are two cops and one lawyer. The father is held at the position of the commissioner. Overall, great performances from the cast and great storytelling.

Blue blood is an example of worthwhile programming, in that it addresses both ethnical and political aspects and struggles members of law enforcement face, with the personal; implications of individual and collective police actions, as well as, those of the district attorney’s office.

It is refreshing that the writers do not feel it necessary to exercise overt profanity or explicit nudity or sexual situations in their scripts, which renders this a family-friendly show. If you‘re looking for a binge-worthy series, Blue Blood is for you!


With the greatness in the show, there is a disappointment to be seen. The show totally eliminated any credit to the mother of the family. The storyline dealt with finding a way to get the officers to be more healthy so they were safer in their jobs. The storyline berated the head of the police union for having bariatric surgery some years before and called it” the easy way out”, not willing to give it the sweat and hard work to lose weight, etc.

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The sequel of the Bad Boys II(2003), Bad boys for life is the action-comedy movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Unless you are new to the series, Bad Boys needs no introduction, the duo Mike played by Will Smith and Marcus Burnett by Martin Lawrence has been quite active and had brought overflowing manifolds topologies in terms of Action and Comedy since their formation in 1995.

Fast Forward to 2020, after a huge hiatus, they again bashed the big screen with absolutely smashing comeback ‘bad boys for life’.From the very beginning of this movie, you are guaranteed to hook in and it’s gonna beguiled both, your eyes and ears too.


After an immensely successful first two season, both the leads are reprising their iconic role as Detective in this movie too and the exciting chemistry between them is dynamically queer and uniquely comic as ever. Mike portrayed as an eminent man of great intelligence with playful charms and macho charisma while Marcus, apart from being detective, is a very humble family man with surprising aplomb, who comforts and supports Mike personally and professionally as he is like a family to him.

Many thoughts come to our mind like Will Marcus leave mike? Does Mike need to handle the crisis alone? Although the movie has the element of hope and you will be finding yourself oddly rooting for this detective couple.


Apart from the main two leads, few of the supporting characters from the first two series make an appearance too and one of them is Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett(Marcus’ wife) brings a light entertainment with a lot more laughter in betwixt plus lots of talented actors like Vanessa Hudgens features as Kell, Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, Paola Nunez as Rita and Charles Melton as Rafe, are the part of a special force and this group also diligently indulge in investigating Detective Mike‘s case along with Mike and Marcus to find the missing pieces of the puzzle that make storyline Little interesting but it’s a real treat to see them.

The style and nerve with which the Mexican Actress Kate del Castillo portrayed the role of dark, mysterious and two-faced woman as ISABEL is very catchy and garnered attention with her acting skills, skillfully plan to take revenge, also Jacob Scipio, a well-rounded actor as Armando justified the role of Isabel’s son with high spirits in terms of action, giving you one more reason to watch this movie.           


The plot is quite common filled with lots of twists and unexpected additions to the story, it overwhelming fun plus the jokes about Smith dying his goatee and Marcus enjoying retirement make this movie a must-watch.


Will There be Censorship for Netflix, Amazon And Other OTT Platforms?

The most well-known platform Netflix renowned across the globe presently fears India’s controversy regarding hurting religious sentiments, instigating violence, against regional, national conflicts, child pornography as per the censorships of Courts of India. As an intention, it has started omitting certain objectionable scenes that violate this rule of the nation.

Is Netflix on the right track? What do you understand about the decision of Netflix?

This step is not just taken by Netflix but other OTT platforms as well. While streaming the movie videos in OTT platforms like Netflix and Hotstar it is seen that the copyrights rule of the movies is respected.

However, in 2018, Netflix has also omitted certain climax scenes of India’s controversial region known as Kashmir, in one of the premier Hollywood movies are known as the Mission Impossible Rollout. This version is given by a media news agency known as the Medianama.

Many argue that this act on the part of the Court of India’s censorship decision to restrict freedom of speech and democracy is objectionable. It is also believed by the audience that the part of OTT platforms to obey this law not only in National movies but also in Global premiers is biased. Many believe that it is aimed to restrict creativity in the field of cinema. However, the truth behind the Court’s decision and the OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc’s intention is not to spread wrong messages that represent partial truths about the global community.

Netflix, in the olden days, had sole censorship on Indian movies like Angry Indian Goddesses and Udta Punjab.

Amazon Prime Video has monitored and excised power over the censorship rules on Indian movies. This might upset the global community but it is for the welfare of the society as it can be regarded as a means to avoid racial and religious inflammatory speeches leading to unrest in India as well as globally.

Fostering Film Creation Community

However often scenes, when omitted by the OTT platforms, lead to distortion in the meaning of the film story. An initiative on the part of the filmmakers should be taken that they don’t create objectionable content or dialogue both in Indian and Hollywood movies that disregard the harmony in the society. This would encourage filmmakers to come out both in Indian and Hollywood movies with exceptional stories that give greater rhetoric of the global community.

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Hollywood in 1930: Movies Before Censorship

Hollywood: Reporter Eve Jackson, in a tribute to the “Gone With The Wind” Actress Olivia De Havilland’s birthday of 104th joins in a conversation about the” Capital in the  21st Century” with Lisa Nesselson, the film critic in the film festival of La Rochelle.

Lisa Nesselson in her conversation mentioned that after world war 2 new generations enjoyed a life that was intellectually stimulating and not difficult to understand. World war 2 was followed by a transformation in the Hollywood industry from the silent movie era to newsreels and commercial movies. These movies however had deeper social messages of injustice, social upheavals, and exploitation. It also highlighted the class conflicts in relation to poverty.

Today’s Hollywood view features in comparison to the 1930s.

Contemporary movies consist of films that contain messages about political power play like that of fascism, violence, insecurity, black money. However in reality what the film critic wants to say is that there have been extreme times of oppression that had not been premiered that which is being premiered today.

However, today movies premiere the corruption and black money which has reduced rate in comparison to the times of the war thereby creating doubt in regard to development in the minds of the audience. However, this particular film talks about how creativity in the Hollywood industry has evolved over the years. These kinds of films have been censored. These films are based on the French cinematography method of film making. These Contemporary films are postmodern movies that talk about deeper symbols and meanings that exist in society. However, with evolving times and moral values censorship in such films is an exploitation of the freedom of speech and expression of the real issues plaguing the world.

Classic Hollywood Movies significance 

“Gone with the wind”, which was a classic novel based film is being censored in contemporary times. This is in context to the recent racial prejudices in regard to black lives matter. It also glorifies the racial related slavery views It was banned by Amazon.

Lisa Nesselson also talks about how the lobby system worked in the Hollywood studios since the times of the 1930s. Nowadays Hollywood movies consist more of Talent and a little bit of their appearance as agreed by the critic. In the 1930s focus was made more on appearance and not too much of a talent. Hence the Hollywood industry has really evolved over the years.

Despite the progress in the Hollywood film industry, classical Hollywood movies cease to die because of the essence of the story in black and white movies and romanticism.

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Adieu Hollywood Humour Celebrity Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner, a famous Hollywood comedian, celebrity, and film-maker died at the age of 98 in Beverly Hills, California, in the United States. He was diagnosed to have died of natural causes. He claims to be a great loss for the Hollywood industry.

Reiner’s personal identity and accomplishments

Reiner was a Democrat and a President Trump opponent. One of his posts in his final days accused Trump as undeserving to be the leader of any country of the civilized world as he was a corrupt and bankrupt businessman. This post of Reiner was observed in the platform of social media on his final days.

Reiner was born in 1922 in New York in the family of an Immigrant of the Jews. He served the US air force in the earlier days of his lifetime.

In 1943,24 December Reiner married her spouse Estelle Lebost for 65years.

The first film in which Carl Reiner was cast was Happy Anniversary in 1959. He was cast in a supporting role as Bud.

Carl Reiner philosophically believed that in order to invoke laughter you need not consider yourself as a special person when cast. Considering yourself as insignificant but of importance in the lives of the close ones and a person with humanity. The character of Bud however mockingly reflects on the truth and real feelings of the close ones. On the one hand, it entertains you, on the other hand, it makes you feel touched.

The last film made by the comedian was in 2019, Toy Story 4.

Goodbye Carl Reiner: The inspiration of generations

Carl Reiner also received a Grammy award in 1998 named “The 2000year old man in the year 2000. This was one of the comedy film cast and written by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. It belonged to a specially featured animated television genre. In his last film, he played with other comedians like Mel Brooks and Betty White to voice the opinions of the four animated characters and invoke fun and sweet, childlike moments.

The death of Carl Reiner means the end of a particular era and the beginning of the next. According to the Guardian, his son, filmmaker, Rob Reiner posted on social media his disappointment of losing his father as he was his inspiration.

Renier Carl posed to be a great loss for the Hollywood industry. Thus, the memory of his works would forever remain in the minds of his audience and generations to come.