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Who doesn’t love treasure hunting, pirates, and mysteries? The curse of Oak Island has become one of the absolute favorite shows of the audience. The television series released back in 2014 and has 7 seasons. The series is brilliantly interesting to watch and really addictive. The show cuts across the involvement of multiple generations of people having a vested interest in the mystery too which is also part of its broad charm and appeal.

The show is very enjoyable which seems to reveal a new mystery each week. It’s is a program that every family member can watch without having to worry about profanity. The anticipation, the excitement, the thrill as they dig down, or drill down, waiting to see what they bring up this time or dig up.    The history and intrigue of what went on there are amazing. The openness and the respect of Rick, Marty, and Craig for everyone were admirable. Everyone on the team can be proud of how they remain approachable and always willing to listen and help.


A very well directed, very well documented, and edited show ever made. The importance of historical value is priceless and leads to the truth. The artifacts are increasingly awesome as the pieces of the puzzle grow together to form such a vast timeline. There have not been other documentary searches like it and there will never be.

Being a history buff, The show is absolutely riveting. The site has been so worked over by previous searchers that task in front of the laginas is almost impossible. The mystery has attracted a multitude of history buffs and all the theories they have about the mysterious island and the treasures it may hold and how it all comes about are lovely and exciting.

Some of the favorite characters of the show are Rick and Marty Lagina who as young boys came across a story about Oak island and dreamed of one day becoming one of the most dedicated treasure hunters on the island and they made their dream a reality. Rick wears his heart on his sleeve and his sensitivity is so admiring. Marty makes us smile with his healthy skepticism. Together these men are a winning team. Gary Brayton and his colloquialisms are admired so much. But my favorite is “bobby Dandy”.

Their reactions are also the part of the show making it totally worth watching. It’s not like some mystery shows where they give a bunch of myths and theories about places while people are trying to discover the items there and at the end of the show, they leave you hanging. This show actually has solid evidence, maps, and even discoveries from the people who started the’ hunt’ a long time ago.

Rick’s determination is another thing to be praised. He is determined not to give up and it excited the viewer  because it drives the brother’s team to push on to find that concrete proof of what the hunters have been searching for generations and centuries

Out of all, season 6 is the most exciting season and the wait for what they would discover next is irresistible!

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‘The Flash’ Star Candice Patton’s Journey So Far

Candice Patton, the full name Candice Kristine Patton is an American actress known for her work as Iris West in the Cw’s Series, THE FLASH. Born in Jackson, Mississipi, U.S., Candice is 32 years old. Patton has been cast for many television series including the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She is one of the successful actresses who has attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, graduating with BFA in Theatre.

Candice Patton’s Journey: The Beginning

In 2004, during the first year in the university, Candice participated in CBS’ soap star screen test. This test was a worldwide audition contest for university students to win a role on the soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Candice won this contest with a vote percentage of 46% alongside Ethan Rains.

She was given the opportunity to perform the role of an independent film Commander and Chief in a 2008 Web series released on THE WB channel.

The actor has been given a lot of casting on other shows such as ARROW, SUPERGIRL, and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW for the Crisis on Earth –X.

In the third episode of ‘DUET’, she played Millie Foss, the daughter od gangsters, in a dreamworld scenario.


Candice has given great performances in many of the series and shows. In 2015, she was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards under many categories such as Choice TV: Breakout Star, Choice TV: Chemistry. Many of the nominations were done for her for the awards like SATURN AWARDS, TEEN CHOICE AWARDS(2016,2017), SATURN AWARDS (2018,2019) under the category of BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS ON TELEVISION.

The actress had been seen in many other television shows like Entourage, Castle, Heroes, Days of Our Lives, The Forgotten, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, The Craigslist killer, Harry’s Law, Batman, etc.

Along with her main role in The Flash, the actress has also appeared as SGT.Halway in the movie The GUEST.


Candice Patton is a social charity worker. In 2019, she toured five U.S. military bases in Kuwait with The United Service Organizations (USO). There she visited approximately 12,0000 U.S. military personnel stationed in that country.

In 2017, Patton co-founded an online global collective  Shethority(SHE+AUTHORITY). The authority was described as “a positive place for women and feminine to inspire, empower, and share”.For the authority, she was supported and encouraged by her ARROWVERSE co-stars. Active members included DANIELLE PANABAKER, TALA ASHE, NICOLE MAINES. CHYLER LEIGH, RICHARDSON –SELLERS, CAITY LOTZ, MELISSA BENOIST, JULIANA HARKAYY, and KATIE CASSIDY.

The authority helped women helping them to share their own stories and experiences on dealing with self-acceptance, self-healing, lower self-esteem, sexual harassment at their workplace, and so on.

Along with this,shethority has its own clothing line from which all the money collected will be donated to the organization fighting against girls’ rights and freedom.


Important Tips For Exercising An Aging Cat


The same as people, cats need exercise to stay healthy. And While exercising will get tough the older the kitty receives, it is still crucial (or even more significant ) to allow them to stay busy in their mature years.

Exercising a senior kitty gifts a Bit of an Issue For many people since they’re not likely to have too much energy or become capable of just as much motion as they were, that will probably keep them from becoming exercise in the manner in which they’ve been for the majority of their lifetime.

Cat trees or towers such as climbing, as an Example, may require Too much effort for a mature cat. If you have one of them, your plan for keeping them busy might have to alter.

It may be stressful seeing your pet’s own body begin to Deteriorate, and that means you ought to familiarize yourself about what to anticipate. Continue Reading for a few tips on how you can work out your aging kitty:

Get Particular Toys

In Regards to the toys, then you need to find something which need Less energy but nevertheless make sure your cat receives some exercise when playing them. You can approach affordable pet care or get advice from friends regarding the same.

Stuffed toys are a fantastic option. A kitty can slap Round a stuffed toy whenever they are at a hunting mood, plus they are much less hard on your system for a trail toy. In the same way, you might find a glimpse and play with toy box, that is quite like all those whack-a-mole games that you see in arcades. Things pop out your kitty will attempt to catch. This makes them busy while also letting them remain in precisely the exact same region and not place too much strain on their joints.

Additionally, there Are some Fantastic toys out there that will maintain A cat’s head active also, that brings me to my second point:

Do Not Forget Brain Training

Your cat will age emotionally in addition to physically. This Is simpler to overlook as it is not quite as visible of a procedure. It is possible to see your kitty try and don’t get up to the very top of the tower, however, you can not see them dropping their sense or sharpness of the environment.

When a cat is not responding as fast to matters or is not as Coordinated than they were, that they can get anxious and fearful. They are basically losing an eye on the perceptions, and it can be a frightening issue to manage.


Regrettably, some level of it’s unavoidable, and you’ve got To handle this, also. Cats’ dogs’ brains are more similar than you may think, and also lots of the approaches in the guide will operate on cats, also.

So Far as the mind training goes, attempt to create it enjoyable. A number of the greatest cat toys available right now are puzzle-based. They are intended to conceal a treat which gets released while the cat accomplishes a little mystery. The puzzles are easy, needless to say, as cats are not scientists, however, are sufficient to excite your cat’s head. If the cat does something to excite their thoughts each and every single day, it will surely help keep them sharp.

Boost Light Climbing

Serious climbing May Not be a task Your cat is Effective at in their centuries, but when possible, you need to make an effort and make them do just a bit of this. They do not need to be scaling towers , but you might pose some smaller goals.

By Way of Example, Consider placing their water or food bowl onto a reduced Shelf so they must grow up whenever they would like to consume. Obviously, in case it will become hopeless for them to create this little leap then you need to move their meals back into the floor. You do not wish to prevent them from eating, instead, simply give them a small bit of effort.

You Might Also go some furniture around or acquire a few lesser furniture. In case you’ve got a cat that wanted to climb on the sofa but can not do this anymore, look at having an ottoman or a little armchair they can jump instead. Otherwise they will likely just resign themselves to remaining on the ground, which may create their agility to reduce even longer.

Should they like to sleep on your bed with you, be certain They could get up. Maybe put a brief measure near the bed they can scale up to move their way on the mattress. As long as they are effective at some light scaling, promote it.

The main issue is to stay confident with your furry friend. Do not get down because they are not as spritely as they was and attempt not To get frustrated when attempting to keep them busy. They need you more than Ever, also there are lots of methods to get them exercising.