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STATION 19 is exhilarating. Each episode gets better and better .there’s action, drama, romance, and extremely lovable characters.

The cast is phenomenal and makes binge-watching the series even more fun and enjoyable .some may establish the show as weak and leacking.but station 19 is highly well written and is an amazing eye-opener to the world of firefighters, especially for young girls. The amazing performance of Jaina, Danielle, and Barrett has kept the show going. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat and definitely brings the heat.

About the show

If you are an avid watcher of medical or emergency service dramas, the station 19 is perfect for you.every storyline holds a powerful message. despite some scenes being overly dramatic, the overall pacing and character arcs are great.

Station 19 is insane with its ups and downs and curveballs but, it’s also inspiring. It makes people really think that firefighters are hero’s because they are! It’s incredible, to the firefighting, to the relationships between each character and to each character the storyline gets pretty exciting.

Station 19 is an excellent show to demonstrate teamwork and respect .

Ellen Pompeo is the director of the show. Great cast and excellent storylines reflecting current issues, but not too much.

Great female lead with fantastic support from the rest of the cast that won’t bring disappointment in the viewer.

Andy- the Intolerable Woman

The show would be even greater without the sad attempt at tear-jerking for the neurotic women whose father died by venting the roof for a week ago. She is so lame and distracting.she is a huge backstabber .andy is the most annoying stuck up person.

Will Station 19 cross over GREY’S ANATOMY?

The integration with grey’s anatomy was a surprise. Look forward to the cross over to grey’s anatomy. The show has really developed over the seasons, and although the plot isn’t always the best, the characters have become nearer and dearest. The show has gotten more realistic and pulls you into the story.

The characters are convincing and entertaining. Introducing a new captain Robert Sullivan is a great move to keep people interested.

For a TV show about firefighters, the balance of showcasing calls and personal relationships that are born from a tight house and beyond is really hard to do. kudos to the writers.

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