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Solo leveling is a fan anime novel written by is a south Korean novel in which solo leveling means – I alone level up. The novel is an action- fantasy and was published on July, 25,2018.

The novel is not new to anyone and fans are waiting quite desperately for the release of this manwa (in Korean) into anime series.

Summary of the South Korean novel – solo leveling

The plot is based on a portal that is connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds.

There are some people who have conquered the ability to acquire the power of the hunting of these creatures are being tilted as “hunters”.

Sung-jin –woo, being a protagonist of the story, is the weakest of the rank E hunters and barely stronger than a normal human, NAMED as “ the weakest” by his fellow partners. The story revolves around facing the danger and being more than just surviving the battles from the more powerful creatures than him.

Apart from the interesting plot, the art is so beautifully defined in the story that undoubtedly tends the person to read the novel.

The story is perfect. The plot is awesome. Every chapter makes you fall in love with this manwa(in Korean) novel.not just the art is colored in this Korean comic, but the action parts are also very well covered.

The protagonist working his ass off to become the strongest one really engages interest all over. The whole plot is pretty interesting and the whole 100 chapters evolve your mind in a better way of course.

This comic is fresh as compared to the other manga novel and animation giving us a refreshing touch in the mind breaking the stereotype of how the anime novel should be.

It’s basically one punch man but with even more bland mc and even more advancement.

The series specify the journey of the weakest hunter to become the strongest one(stronger than S-rank hunter, who are known to be strongest).

Will there be an anime series on this novel?

although the news is still fan base and there is no such official announcement by the producers on the details Solo leveling anime will be released in the fall of 2021.

Fans are looking forward as the announcement date has been confirmed. Lately, Crunchyroll has been adapting a lot of Korean novels into Crunchyroll originals and therefore the chances of Crunchyroll producing the novel is high.

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