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What’s there in THE WALKING DEAD Season 10?

SEASON 10 was ok, the show was suffering from a lack of character development for a first. And for a second, the writing had issues. But it was a good season not as season 9.


The first half of season 10 was very average for TWD  standards and maybe a bit forgettable. The second half of this season has been great, however. If the finale is good, it could be one of the favorite second halves to a season we’ve had.

 The highlights for the season were Negan Carol reveal, Negan kills Alpha, any Caryl moments, Michonne as saviour, Beta as Micheal Myers.

Season 10 being its best. All thanks to the new showrunner who understands fans and the legacy of the show which started in 2010. There is a huge improvement in season 10 with phenomenal acting performances by the cast.

Season 10 does not disappoint, as the characters evolve, the timeline continues to unfold and the new protagonist refresh, the series as always.

When it comes to Alpha’s plan with Dante, Dante was never meant to reveal his whisperer side. Saddiq clocked on and that forced Dante to kill him, which he didn’t want to do, with then put a dent in his cover-up as he got caught out by Rosita. Dante was meant to drive the paranoia in Alexandria and weaken them from the inside. It was going well until Siddiq found out.

And the cave is where Alpha’s horde is, that‘s why it’s a cliffhanger. Still slightly weaker considering but not too bad.


The character development from season 1 until now is so powerful. There is a shot of pretty much the whole group on the train tracks. The way out from Terminus and there are no filler characters; it was a great cast.

The writers needed to make her exit a subplot like they did to keep you invested in everything else happening since Danai was leaving and couldn’t fil a lot of episodes as well. it’s good that they got us invited in other characters and stories to keep the show going with the loss of yet another A- list character. It doesn’t too season 9, but it’s a great season that trumps a few other seasons.

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