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What makes the Dragon Prince BETTER?

The Dragon Prince is one of the best. It’s not the greatest show in a long time to watch. The dragon prince appeals to a wide variety of audiences conveying genres from medieval fantasies to a comedy romance.

Although the Dragon Prince received a rough introduction, its writers have done a spectacular job in improving the series with each passing season.

The Dragon Prince emphasizes multiple themes throughout the series such as parental approval, vengeance, trust, racial tension, and finding one’s purpose in life.

The characters all face traumatic events and challenges that shape their character arc and provide the motivations behind their actions.


The two main protagonists Rayla and Callum undergo a multitude of obstacles that define their character and portray a sense of familiarity for the audience.

 The dynamic between the majority of the characters is well thought out and the writers deserve praise for that.

Incorporating magic that supposedly humans cannot access (except for dark) is rather interesting. Although cheesy giving the nerd community a knock by using “ one does not simply walk into …” was amusing, cheesy.

Jack De Sena to this day is one of the greatest voice actors to exist and a true asset to this show. He also brings back Avatar nostalgia, which many appreciate.


The story itself is original, the mechanics of the fantasy world speak for themselves and aren’t simply copyrights of other fantasy shows. This is one of the trickiest shows ever made. The show, at least towards the beginning.

It’s directed at children, and yes, consequently, there are a lot of bad jokes, and the plot feels a little dragged on. But, as the show progresses, more starts to happen, with all of the characters, until an absolutely epic season 3 finale. It pulled of romance much better than expected, and by the end, it wasn’t any kids show, with sons killing their father and such.

The show takes its time to build the world it has created in some of the most creative and imaginative ways possible. The show’s fantasy is brilliant and has the potential to have so much more depth and emotion. The show is well written, beautifully animated, full of heartfelt entertainment with amazing plot twists and suspense holding you through the show.  

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