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This particular series exceeded movies like Batman vs Superman because it had beautifully written dark humor. The commentary on certain superhero tropes felt subtle and not preachy. The show felt genuine, dark, and light-hearted all at the same time.

All the superhero movies / TV series made so far have just been so monotonous, cause, in the end, the hero saves them all. The clash of two titans, one wins, another bites the Repeat.

But what happens when a group of common men with no powers decide to bring down an entire organization of corrupt superheroes? What made superheroes fear those men? This series is all about courage and inspires you to be you and you don’t need any superpowers to do to extraordinary things.

 The outstanding plot, compelling character development and to top that all each actor has given it their 200 percent.

About the Season 2

The completely new concept of portraying heroes as dictators. When heroes become the most powerful concept in society, they abuse that power to their free will. Brutal, gore action scenes are all over the series. The protagonist of this series is completely driven by vengeance along with the rest of his crews. The steady storyline , action-packed scenes make the show worth watching.

Season two seems to keep the promises and is indeed adding more adernaline.

Well, the most anticipated season two is finally added on amazon, and though only three episodes, they have enough twists and turn that would keep you glued. So far, Amazon has kept the promise, keeping the fingers crossed though.

The deep is an unnecessary angle, and it is not adding enough rush. Black noir, well it seems like all predictions about him were true so far.

Season two like Dc Doom patrol or Netflix Umbrella Academy, it’s just as great if not slightly better than the first.

The boys come out swinging in a superb second season that digs deeper into its complicated characters and ups the action without pulling any of its socially critical punches.

Story, production, acting: all the aspects are good. Often or most of the time, it is the sequel that blows away all the good that the original does. But at least here it is not the case .Especially when the entire world in deep into the corona crisis, this is definitely a good thing to look forward to.

Will there will Season 3?

It’s still on Season two, still very fresh and young. Just hope if the series gets up to season 3 and so on, it keeps getting better and better.

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