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The official title and release date for Venom 2 has been revealed and we hope to see the first official trailer soon!


Most of the movies are absolutely average, but Tom hardy both as Eddie Brock and Venom is attention-grabbing every time he’s on the screen. the venom fight scenes Are inventive, brutal, and damn entertaining. Tom Hardy’s acting is as incredible as we’ve come to expect from him. The venom/Eddie interactions are often hilarious.

There was actually a crossover comic where spiderman and batman fought carnage and joker, however, Joker and Carnage broke up their team when carnage realized that joker would rather just destroy Gotham by a bomb rather than slaughtering them one by one.

Feel like it’s going to end like infinity war, venom losing and carnage rising up to have venom, Morbius and spiderman fight and defeat carnage in venom 3.

It would look cool if carnage looked like venom, but, when carnage feeds, its veins and muscle tissue turn red with an underlying darkness. When carnage looks less red, that’s how you know it’s weakening.

It can be that the title means like the whole city will become carnage because there’s gonna be carnage as the title says.

Since carnage is a secong generation symbiote , he ‘s more vicious .

Only way this movie will be a super hit if it’s rated R carnage is that evil.

Characters like carnage punisher, Deadpool, ghost rider, moon night, and plenty more won’t fully be the same without the R- rating. there’s no way to show Alk, the mutilation gore, and twisted imagery from the death and destruction. They cause anything less than an R rating takes away from the character by not showing the entirety of the story of the extent of their evil.

It’s more than just blood tho, there’s a lot of guys and mutilation along with dark and twisted imagery and narratives anything less than R rating would just dull down the character and take away vital traits they’re known for; Just look at Ghost Rider that didn’t even come close to depicting what ghost rider is. It was just the image of his character and main story points but a lot of contents was left out that add so much to the character and make him more relatable and easier to comprehend.

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