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The Incredible Cast of Shameless

The Incredible Cast of Shameless

Shameless is unarguably the best series .Acting is superb ,writing is superb .

All the characters just doing an excellent job representing their character.

The characters are not flawless people. They are flawed and crazy, they go through terrible stuff and the amazing part is they still do not give up, no matter how vulnerable they feel they still put on a confident face and face very situation powerfully. They fall down numerous times and get back up again stronger than ever.

All the actors have done a fantastic job.

The story is fascinating and blows away. As a normal human being goes through ups and downs consistently so do the characters of shameless. But they do not let their failures define them and they don’t let anybody mess with them.


Emmy Rossum deserved the award of Globen Globe for her outstanding performance in the series. Her performance season after season is some of the best actings ever and not only just for television. But it is quite shocking that she didn’t even nominate for the Golden globe nor did she get any recognition for carrying the show for years without an accolade to accept critics’ choice.


The entire cast delivers outstanding performances. Macy is sensational. His timing, delivery, and facial expressions are priceless.

Character Development is one of the best parts of the shows and many of the younger actors have grown up so much. There are a lot of characters in this show whose acting has been ming-boggling.

You really get a roller coaster of emotions during every episode which is not just because of the way it is written but also how amazing the actors are. Love how the romance that grows and develops between Mickey and Ian over these seasons and how comfortable they become in their own skin and with each other.

Who knew two straight guys,Neol and Cameron could play such a passionate character who would do anything for the one they love.

Fiona leaving was one of the saddest episodes on the show. But having seen how she had raised a bunch of kids who were all strong and resilient was so beautiful to see.

Frank though, can be a horrible father, but one can see how much he loves his kids. He is hilarious throughout the season.

Lip has had to fight some demons over the years. And although Fiona is the glue of the family, Lip is the heart that you see in how he protects and support his brothers and sisters through everything.

Overall, the cast is superb! And you couldn’t help but gasp with laughter a couple of times.


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