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Season 4 was a brilliant end to an amazing series, concluding the character arcs in a truly satisfying way. Finally, season 4 is one of, if not, the best episode of TV has telecasted. The humor makes up for flaws and the dynamics between characters are to die for. Don’t be too serious when watching this show, to be fair, it is an afterlife with demons and revolutionized siris.


In the end, Micheal got to be the human he wanted to. Tahani the person she was trying to pretend to be in her life on earth, Jason being like the monk he was as jijanyu , Chidi finally being decisive and confident, and Eleanor the selfless person she was pretending to be in the first season.

The writers did Jason good at the ending. He seemed more like himself. As the comedic relief, it was upsetting to see him leave.jason’s final life was one of pure, unfettered joy and friendship.

The finale was so sad. Knowing that eventually Tahani and Micheal will go through the door feels so final . all the five of them will be gone for good. And the only Janet will be left behind with her memories of them. Plus Micheal won’t have most of his friends when his human body eventually dies.

But that’s how you know that it was a good show. It makes you feel a lot of things.

The episode “THE ANSWER” where he finally ascends to his perfect self is the favorite moment in the series. It’s beautiful and touching.

It was identified that Chidi’s quest to find some sort of perfect answer to every problem. As if there’s some perfect combination of words to make people understand and lovable.


The writers also gave closure for the minor characters. Simone is the friends with Chidi and Elanor and their friends, John is being historic figures, and brent is still trying to get into a good place. It’s kind of satisfying to know what happened to them, even if it’s not a full closure.


A lot of reasons why Paris and Rec have such a satisfying ending. The episode didn’t have any major conflict and you got to see what happened to every character in the future and see that everyone lives a happy life even though they’ve moved on from Pawnee.

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