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Rick broke down because he thought he had a similar before the abyss.but they weren’t .tony was a weak and ephemeral being. He had no technology to dominate the world. And his adventure was quickly and without importance. Rick died, revived in another reality and returned.

Death to him means nothing. And neither are the other versions of tony in the multiverse but, only that tony could see through rick. He could understand his misery and be considered his friend, at least for a moment.

Rick can’t get that moment back and the words he had for tony had a new meaning, this time for him. He no longer had a friend with whom to discuss a bathroom.

And the bathroom is not important. What’s important is being able to compete with someone for him. Finding someone who gives him the same value and with so little to lose his life at maximum.

Probably thanks to rick and his bathroom. If not, he would have remained a mediocre and sad bureaucracy. Such development for a character in an episode.

The idea for the story is actually good rick is so lonely that he goes out his way and creates a paradise for the toilet to lure others in, he wants others to some so he can interact with them.

The end with rick and his loneliness was what hit me the most .The end is kinda sad.

Blond‘s Alien

The blonde alien is tony’s species. The female is the same species as tony same eye structure and same coloration and same pattern on the chest.

So if there‘s an alternate universe where tony’s wife lives and he still uses the toilet , then there’s gotta be a universe where rick’s wife survives and he’s still able to invent the portal gun, becomes this super genius that we know of.

Or, maybe this is why rick is in so much pain because of the countless universes/realities, he’s seen, he has yet to see one where his wife lives. And maybe that’s why rick doesn’t mess with time travel because it’s only in the past where he can see his wife alive and it’s too painful for him to know that no amount of his genius can bring his wife back. That there’s no way he can have a future he could share with his wife.

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