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The animation this season is on another level. The episode reveals that there are going to be funky pops of crystal Morty, lobster rick, was Rick and Morty, fascist rick and Morty, and red meeseeks .

The episode was crazy.Hilarious and amazing.

100 years of Morty screwing himself .


Boglins were real toys, a kind of puppet thing from the 80s and 90s. The Boglins monster is probably a call to that mutant thing rick killed before he tried to off himself in the garage when the hive- mind lady dumped him.

The ferrofluid scene at the end was so intense, they had to get another animation to help out finish it.

Fascist Theme

The fascist theme was so funny. The creators also paid that off with a terrible super pc hologram twist at the end too.

The first fascist world was due to the gear wars that gearhead always talked about. He never really speaks about what exactly happened, but if you look at the fascist flag on the first dimension, it is two wrenches, something a gear wold have itself concerned with.

Furthermore, the gearhead appears in the back of the car, and why? Because of the gear wars.

Due to this, Gearler and the other gear Liz went onto conquer the universe, all the way to earth. Yes, this may seem extreme, but what’s Rick and Morty is about.

Diable Reference

The fact that the stone Morty put in his head is a reference to a diable soul stone and the dark traveler planting it in his forehead, then the stone will give him even more vison and will corrupt him to the core. Before being an akika reference , it was a diable reference.

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