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According to the Duffer brothers, production has to start on 17th September. But due to the global pandemic, now the date has been shifted o release on Halloween 2021. Resources told that the story is ready, confirmed by Netflix too. The production is planning to start filming from 17 September, but it all depends on the condition now.

What’re the other release dates possible?

There were 15 months between season 1 and season 2, 20 months between season 2 and season 3, so it would make sense if there are 25 months between season 3 and 4. season 1 and 3 both came in July of different years therefore wouldn’t it make sense that since season 2 came out in October, season 4 would also come out in October. it is possible too that the stranger things season 4will come out on a holiday (4th July in America).

What can the stranger things season 4 be about?

Well, there is a theory about the “demidog” dart, (Dustin dog).there can be a small chance that dart could make its return within the constraints of season 4. The theory is that dart was strong enough to resist the mind flayer’s orders and requests, perhaps dart has worked up the strength to stay in our world. another thing is, every demidog we saw died almost instantly and at the same time, but this is not the same for dart.dart was still breathing after the other demidogs.

Season 4 is special as after a couple of years when the “kids” are “ adults “ and the new adults get back together and fight one last big monster. They have to start season 4 quickly because the kids are growing so fast.

It is assumed that Joyce, Jonathan, Will, and Eleven will be the main focus for season 4.hopefully we get to see more brother and sister with Will and el since they barely interact with each other.

El seems to get a lot of character development with a new character EACH SEASON. season one with Mike, season two with Hooper, season three with Max, and likely season four with Will.

In the season 4 trailers, it’s bells chiming as the words “we’re not Hawkins anymore” show on the screen. The bells sound like big ben, so they might’ve moved to London at the end of season three and that might be where season 4 takes place.

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