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Is MTV making the Teens suffer for the show “TEEN MOMS”?

MTV promotes and celebrates dangerous people to keep this show running as long as possible despite the devastating consequences that will impact generations to come.

The show is supposed to be about the struggles a pregnant 16 years old goes through. Not how it gets easier and how it’s so easy to buy houses with no jobs and get to go lavish vacations.

About Farrah

First of all Farrah. She verbally abuse in episode 4 and give away a dog because it was inconvenient to make the effort to train it, it makes us feel cringe to think about what kind of person, her toddler, Sophia will be.

Farrah and her Horrible Attitude .

This show is the ultimate birth control. But it really showed a different side to the stigma of teen parenthood, as some girls really are just stupid and shouldn’t have been parents, and others just made a mistake and turned out to be a great parent. More likely Sophia will be spoiled. Farrah seems to believe she’s a Kardashian.

Catelynn –the True Mother

Catelynn is the most interesting of all the teen moms because she actually loved her child enough to sacrifice her own selfies desires and place her child with a good family. Her child actually has a chance at being raised to have self-esteem, and have a future.

Catelynn has the most dysfunctional parenting situation of all the teen moms, yet has the most supportive partner in Tyler who actually listens to her, and doesn’t make a scene about him. She is the most selfless of the four teen moms.

About Amber

Amber is ruined before she even started. She has no imagination and wallows in self-pity. She has a child and she is so busy thinking about herself all the time.

The basic premise of this show is that it revolves around a bunch of shallow teenage girls who ended up getting pregnant and becoming celebrities.

You hear stories that reality shows promote messages to young people and you see them struggling with mental health and body image. What message is this sending out is horrible to imagine.

And what will happen to them when their five minutes of unwarranted fame is over and their boyfriend runs off with the next floozy he comes across? You know, the one he met behind the KFC that closed down due to food poisoning.

By Albert

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