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 Season 2 was an amalgamation of so many elements that you’ll feel so much is happening, but at the same time, nothing is happening.

Season 2 just boggles the mind!

Ozark is next best thing on Netflix after BoJack Horseman !

Jason Bateman aka Marty Byrde will take you to the journey of being a Dad who’ll do anything for his family and by anything.

Doing money laundering for a Spanish Cartel by managing a strip club and keeping up with his gold digger of a wife who cheated on him with some old ass dude with money and a daughter. On confrontation, gives a typical reply, how she was feeling unloved.

Moreover this show is shot with a tint fee; ,which gives it a dark grunge look!

Watching Ozar is like living through a warped moral norm of decisions and circumstances, as well as the chaos of a family descending into the depth of criminal self-preservation and personal sacrifice from the comfort of your couch!

Well worth getting into if you have the time.

Season 3

Season 3 is the by far the best season. If the writing stays on the same course four will be even better.

Lost of twist and turn in this action-packed show.

Season 3 has turned things around for this show.

It has skyrocketed from a good show to now a must watch.

Another knockout and wonderful performance in Season 3 is Tom Pelphrey playing Wendy’s brother, Ben.

It is the best-written character in season 3, overshadowing the other characters in the frame.

Season 3 is a visual masterpiece. It really amped up the stakes and expanded this world in such a genius easy.

The storytelling is next level.Also,the acting got BETTER as well .

Season 3 is an absolute masterclass, with Laura Linney and Tom Pelphrey taking the first spot, then Bateman and Garner.

Truly gut wrenching , beautiful emotion.

This season stepped up like never before. The introduction of new characters might seem for obvious reasons considering the storyline, but the way these multiple loose ends are tied is impressive.

You are bound to get addicted if you have a taste for crime thrillers. Can’t compare it with the Breaking Bad as life around the lake is too unpredictable and you won’t be able to see what’s gonna hit you next.

A tadbit dark yet highly packed in thrill !

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