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What you see in this show seems to be a reflection of who you are and how you see the world to a large degree. The storyline is unique but has the correct familiar recipe of sorrow, joy, adventure, love, war, family, and friends.


Storyline written with great imagination from original novels .

The amount of detail to keep the historical accuracy high is quite noticeable. They actually traveled the world many times to film!

The attire costuem /wardrobe is immaculate.

A woman’s story told with realism. It followed from the beginning the events will touch every emotion. It is brutal in parts but the actors are true to life and it shows the lives and struggles of the Scottish Highlanders from the 1700s.

Paris sequences show great flair in the representation of fashion and architecture and lifestyles.

The story covers five countries, which makes the photography of both internal and external environments very interesting indeed.

For the romantics, it is a great Love Story told over the centuries and for those who enjoy battles, an adventure the action should satisfy the most bloodthirsty . Tucked into all this sci-fi and enchantment with white witches and evildoers of all genders.


There are so many turns and twists from the start of the show. It immediately engages you and pulls you into an incredible thought-provoking world.

The 3rd and 4TH season showed how deeply he felt about losing her.5th season maybe about how they feel about each other. In spite of being poor, he lets her know that his love for her never changes.

The book did as one must in telling what happened. They chose to go into her head, disassociate, find a way to protect her psyche and they did it beautifully without sacrificing the horror of it all.

Claire being a strong character has left us amazed at Season 5 too. Love the way, she reminded herself of all she has already survived, reminded herself she is NO victim and that this too shall pass.

In the end, just as the episode shows, it is the Love that heals, that makes us safe, that prepares us for tomorrow.

Beautifully acted .Brilliant makeup .Wonderfully filmed .

Like they saved the opening song for the end with no musical accompaniment save the thunder. Seems fitting, a place for the long wait for this season.

We can all imagine Claire healing emotionally as time passes.No quick getting over it just as there will be no quick new episodes.

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