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One Punch Man can transform anyone from an anime hater into an anime fan overnight. This show is absolutely fantastic.

It tells a very compelling story and the two main characters’ interactions are so funny and filled with charm .

The perfect anime, more comedic, and more stimulating in comparison to other manga anime series.

Both the openings and endings are amazing and touching .

It’s transcendent ,the plot or the concept is impossible for an anime TV series.

Love the way the show has done, how all the heroes enter the combat scene and lose to the big guys before Saitama chows up and ends it – giving us the ability to see the inner workings and drives of all the heroes and characters.


Season  1 is a great story about Saitama wanted to become a hero and suddenly he becomes so strong that nobody could match him. In the course of his story in season, we got to see a lot of action pack scenes and hilarious jokes in every episode.

Season 1 can quickly gain people’s interest making them hooked all over the season. The storyline is lovable and the animation is very great.

The original artist is truly terrible at drawing which somehow makes it even better when the style takes a huge upgrade when anything happens.

At the end of the season , episode 12  ends up with huge satisfaction over Saitama and Geno’s protecting the hero base while Saitama fighting against Boros. In conclusion, the season  was a great introduction to one punch man and Saitama’s story to become a hero .


The animation is on miasaki level of art , every scene is a gorgeous piece of art .

The changing animation styles are especially noteworthy as they draw in a ton of different animators known for stand aline action sequences.

The music is mind –boggling and the sound effects are  amazing.

Saitama – the protoganist

Saitama is one of the best-written characters in all of the television shows, his story arc is amazing and is honestly god tier of entertainment.

Saitama is both impossible strong and yet compassionate and vulnerable as shown clearly un season 1. His character develops so much it’s truly beautiful. His power, humor, kindness are beyond comparison.


Overall a great story but animation and low-quality action scenes spoil the anime series. In comparison to season 1, the season is forgettable, terrible paced had crammed plot and bad animation.

Besides all the comparison or the expectations from season 1, season 2 is still better than any other naruto season.

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