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This show has everything. Adorable characters, amazing world-building, incredibly intriguing mystery, and a one – way adventure accompanied by Lovecraftian Horror. Made in Abyss is amazing and simply beautiful. This anime is good because they literally follow the manga in detail. The art is breathtaking, beautiful. Soundtracks were fit in the anime to make it more amazing. AN ADVENTURE GENRE WITH A LITLLE DARK PLOT TO WHICH IT AMAZES PEOPLE.

In the back of one the spectator’s mind, there is a fear set that danger lies in every corner for these characters, it’s suspenseful, anxious, and wonder, the deeper you go into the abyss. It also world builds as you go along, with each new character’s origin becoming even darker than the last one, making it really worth the watch. Made in Abyss is one of the best series ever made. Anime of the Season!

Bondrewed is the best villain. There’s no animosity in what he does, he even praises those who get the better of him. The man is pure intrigue with no moral compass, the man is chaos incarnate and will pull you down into his kind of madness. You will love to hate him!

The thing which is so emotional and hurting is the most for this anime was Mitty’s endless suffering. An innocent female child with a strong, happy spirit; the type of person who valued life and seemed as though they had a bright future. It’s sad that she had to be the one to endure such an unfathomable, cycle of pain and suffering. Bondrewed saw before him how precious she was; maybe even how much she stood out among other children and yet he risked her soul; a yearning one to be forever trapped. The finale episode of this series skyrocketed this anime to the same status of angel beats

Made in Abyss is so unique. It starts off a very adventure like with very logic plot armor like the main characters are not so OP and they actually get harmed to the point near death. Then the horrors of the abyss actually come to light and are portrayed very well. Then, of course, the child experiment and Nannchi’s backstory and psychological trauma then Reg putting down Mitty. It’s so sad, happy, and has such beautiful scenery and animation all in one.

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