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Talk about the proverbial “new wrinkle on an old theme”.Over the years we have been introduced to numerous medical shows, but the one incredible thing about this show is that it had not been nominated for an Emmy Awards, or a golden globe award, or any other award for being nothing short of fantastic. The writing is of the highest quality, and it has a humble style and not a “ sensationalist style”.It is subtle, in your face style which is nothing short of heartwarming. The writing is definitely on the page and is on the stage.


The show started out fairly well in introducing the characters and the premise of the series. The show is a testament that you can still be human while running a very large business. It’s unrealistically pleasant but that’s better than being reminded how terrible the world is. People in the show are selfless, courageous, and see human life as more important than rules or costs. It’s beautiful and emotional because every episode is filled with the spirit of the characters. The show is compelling and keeps your full attention. Also extremely mature too at the same time.

The show has kept us on the edge of our seats at times as well as on the verge of tears at the same time. Max’s character is so unlike anything you will find in the real world. Physics are mostly compassionate but sometimes can’t act on that compassion due to the protocol or insurance restriction. Not Max Goodwin. He and his team of doctors are all about the patient and find ways to circumvent the system to get positive outcomes.


The cast and acting of this show are brilliant, and it has such promise, but the writers are over the top of SJWs.Most shows have moments where you think it’s overtly conservative or liberal and may disagree, but you don’t care because it may be one character or not happen often. However, this show is packed front to back with liberal sided social justice issues. The show tackles police brutality on blacks, racism against blacks, extreme diversity to include everyone.

Ryan Eggold is compelling. Loved Anupam Kher on The Indian Detective. So it’s great to see him again. But best of all is seeing Freema Agyeman (Dr. Who) is an American leading role.

The stories are socially relevant and engaging, But they are also heartwarming and have a strong good winning over an evil component. The show does move quickly and touch on many issues in a short period of time. KEEPING US HOOKED SINCE THE FIRST EPISODE!

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