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Lucifer Season 4 Review

With the end of season 3 of the mesmerizing and unique concept drama series, Lucifer. It was seen that the season was full of emotion and an interesting plot. It had a unique concept and script that captured the attention and includes many genres: Action, Crime, Romance, and even a bit of comedy. The season has everything and more.

The third season is quite interesting to see in which Lucifer gets jealous because Chloe, the detective falls in love with Pierce, the new person working in Chloe‘s office. Lucifer gets jealous and tries to have a competition but when’s his therapist says to tell your emotions, he goes to find out through the window and sees her heartbroken. Lucifer is the character who has a great sense of humor and is again in the ass but likable to work with.

The episode in season 3 in which Chloe and Lucifer go to solve a crime to find out pierce is there, the other men shoot and Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings was amazing to see.


In season 4, both Chloe and Lucifer admits that they both love each other! The creators ended season 4 with the perfect note. Season 4 is about how the devil, Lucifer changes into the selfless angel. This is character development. The king of hell, possibly the most self –centered being in creation. A fallen angel dedicated to debauchery, decadence, and self-satisfaction. Over the course of four seasons, we have watched the character grow, mature, grapple with his own feelings and insecurities /And at the end, he believably commits the most selfless act he possible can. His award is the comfort of knowing the people he loves and cares about will be safe.

Season 4 is the best season so far. The final scene of season 4 got the audience crying with their tears bursting out as that scene is one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole series. It was the first time when Chloe actually saw the real wings of Lucifer and realized how beautiful they were. It surely made her realize how much of a selfless angel he really is as the wings were the formal expression of his good side. The angel wings were also the sign that Lucifer finally forgave himself and for the most part, it’s because of Chloe. First, he was able to embrace his evil side to send the demons back to hell because Chloe told him she is not afraid anymore. In the end, she confessed her love, and a simple feeling worthy of her love was enough to bring out the best side of him.

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