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CHADWICK BOSEMAN, star of “ BLACK PANTHER “ died on FRIDAY (28 AUGUST,2020) after battling with a four years Colon Cancer. The star was 43 and was struggling with the disease when he was shooting for the Marvel end game. The actor expired in Los Angeles, California, America.

The Death of the star has devastated many =of the Hollywood stars and his fans. He was best known for his role as ‘BLACK PANTHER ‘ which is one of the famous Marvel series.

The star was a true fighter. It has come in to notice that he was diagnosed with colon cancer stage three when he was shooting for the AVENGERS: END GAME.

Chadwick Boseman may be gone but his legacy is left behind. While the world is in shock with the non-revelation of his disease to the world, he cannot be forgotten. He was and will always be the Black Panther for the world and his name has been remembered forever. In real life too, he was a great warrior and fighter who fought till death and battled the disease with greater strength.


Chadwick was the native of South Carolina. His Black Panther was special in so many ways and when we state that he left his legacy behind,we ain’t lying. His movie was special and exclusive not only because it was Chadwick’s movie but because the movie was predominately black cast. With Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis as white actors, the whole crew and cast were black celebrating African culture and people. The movie set the platform for the black talent to get the limelight it deserved. The movie was a tale of black power and black pride in addition to its superhero themes that mattered in so many ways.

Chadwick gave his outlined performance in the movie as it was really close to his heart. The film grossed over $1.3 Billion worldwide and m=broke numerous box office records. The movie built the record of the highest grossed movie by a Black director.

Besides the famous MCU comic performance, the actor did a lot of performances which was outstanding. The films such as Captain America: Civil War, Marshall, Avengers: Infinity War, 21 Bridges, and Da 5 Bloods marked the legacy of the true warrior, Chadwick Boseman.


Many celebrities and famous businessmen have mourned the death of Chadwick so soon. Priyanka Chopra, Barack Obama, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Oprah Winfrey pay tribute to the demise of our Black Panther.

 While the whole world is devastated by the demise of the young actor and leaving the world soo soon. The legacy he has created and the platform he has set for his people to showcase their talent has made him immortal in our hearts forever.

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