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 Lost in space is a great show whether you like science- fiction or not the story is great and keeps you entertaining throughout.


The show is not to be watched with any expectations or basic knowledge on anything, the plot is just sad.

For those who have heard the science is fake or off, I can safely say that couldn’t be more wrong. Some things may seem a little outlandish at first, but once you do even just a little research, you‘ll learn the science is not just sound, but indeed, quite good, and realistically imaginative. Supercooled water can and does flash freeze in seconds, even on Earth; Methane consuming feels aren’t so different from some real organisms that consume petroleum or natural gas; Things like servosystems to explain inertial dampening and a good understanding of G- force and it’s the effect on the human body exist in this show. The knowledge of orbital mechanics, and that the increasing heat of the planet was caused by a perihelion that went too close to the sun, due to the nearly black hole was impressive. Both star systems we see in the show are binary, which is quite realistic! There are probably far more binary star systems than there are not. The Jupiters, as well as the Resolute, are quite accurate, and most of all, the existence of lateral thrusters on the Jupiters! There are so many sound concepts in this show it brings great joy.


The first season is simply a colony of humans go for a trip to the nearest star to our sun Alpha and an alien Al Robot attack happens and they get stranded on a solar system unknown where they refuge on a planet little and about there way to find a way back to civilization.

The second season start is disappointing as it made no sense at all and had too many plot points although many of them are solved by the end still many were unresolved but further the season 2 has a lot going for it particularly all women they had an important role this season.

The CGI is on point and the worlds look gorgeous and the life that they showed up. They did a great joy on the robot it looked stunning. The visuals of most of the planets and other nature shots will stun you as they are beautifully made.

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