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  The spin-off of the famous show, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and THE ORIGINALS  engaged a lot of expectation in the audience’s heart. Legacies are plain honestly if we compare it with the previous shows. The big difference between Legacies and TVD is that the latter had adults playing the role of teenagers. But here we have actual teens playing their age. So obviously it was going to be a different sort of show. Plus they decided to broaden the horizons by coming out from the typical werewolf witch storytelling, integrating characters from fairly tales pretty smoothly.

This show lacks the subtlety, intensity, and dark humor characteristics of its predecessors. But being different doesn’t mean bad. The first three episodes were really enthralling.



The show is basically lacking the real impact from achieving goals and the refresh rate of villains doesn’t build up anticipation. When they finally do hold onto a Villain the choice was a silly man who’s most defining moments were screaming “THE NECROMANCER”.

He‘s not scary, he not loveable, we don’t even hate him. Just wish for him to do something awesome like bring Klaus so a real villain can show us how’s it done.


As before, Julie plec is die-hard on trying her best to sort of mimic the old school’s 70s and 80s monsters which didn’t exactly have modern graphics or cosmetics. It looks like Julie plec at least tried to get a little real-life drama and dialogue between the actors, It’s still super cheesy attempt to copy old school shows.

The season 2 finale cemented that they are never in real danger. In Originals, every villain, every battle seemed pushed to the limits of what was possible to handle and they always overcame but with some losses involved. In vampire diaries, there was a battle between a good brother and a bad brother and love: a very similar story to Legacies. However, in legacies, it’s never felt. With the twins and Hope, you see the twins fighting their own personal battles but their battles do not have consequences, the same as in the vampire diaries and the originals. Basically kill of somebody or make the battles they go through more personal to us viewers!

On the contrary, if you haven’t watched the vampire diaries and the originals, one might not have the difficulty to watch it. Plus the choice of the cast is quite well and there’s a lot of potential development with many of the characters that were introduced. It’s a new story, and it sure is a hell of a lot better than most of the supernatural shows out there.

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