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 Knightfall is one of the series that have medieval and historical themes and has turned it into a pretty interesting show. It includes history the actors are great and the setting is nice with great cinematography. The idea of the series is so unique with the high medieval setting and requisites. This is no doubt well done. The show is extremely entertaining. The characters are so beautifully detailed that one can’t help but get wrapped up in them. Mark Hamil is at his Best.

The wardrobe is impeccable. The weapons that they used to their armor and daily clothing that they wore is spot on. The scene location they chose is incredible. Painting the perfect picture for which they lived and conducted their lives is just awesome.


The first season is great for making you feel bad for the king. The main character did the wrong things and the nice one was paying for it. But the flip for season 2 is even darker, more action, fighting scenes and the characters, as well as the events in the story, gets much more interesting as compared to season 1.

 Also, besides great costumes, values there seemed one big problem. The character’s acting seemed forced. During the show, it seemed that certain parts would often without explanation and lacked a strong plot. It seemed that this show was trying to fit two seasons into one because it felt rushed. The season 2 was a bit of a struggle at times as there’s only so much torture and the ending of the season wasn’t satisfying as the writers think it would.


The show is overall entertaining but gets a little frustrating and mind bogging dumb! Why? Think of the historic Knight Templars and then forget everything about them because the show does its best to skew them. The Hollywood spin-off replaces the vows of chastity and service to God with sex and bloodlust. The “heroic” protagonist and Templar leader in the show is everything Templars forbade and treats the order like a mercenary group rather than a monk order. God is practically nonexistent in the show save for a few catchy phrases and well-timed genuflects, and no one seems the least bit focused on religion at all. It’s just another twisted love story with angry Kings and tough knights but with really cool fight scenes. Although having the great potential to be a great series, the potential is  ‘really wasted’.

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