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With the news of the global pandemic, there is some good and worth watching movies of the 2020s that will make your mind go wow!


The fear of being watched by someone we can’t see brought to life to a calling captivating science-fiction thriller. It’s quite difficult to find a good horror movie nowadays amidst all the bad cliché haunted house movies being made. It’s not necessary that a horror movie has to be dumb and not all the characters have to make clearly stupid decisions. The Invisible Man stands out from the rest as it doesn’t follow the same tropes and tries something different.

The background score is also deep, it sends chills down your spine, it used effectively throughout the film to maintain the tone and tension. But the movie also uses complete silence in many scenes which makes the sequences real tense. Also, the conspicuous ending is appreciable.


Movies like this tear the heart away. Queen and Slim made me feel all sorts of emotions; Hope, Love, Tears, Anger, Despair. Queen and Slim are no Bonnie and Clyde. They just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the movie is full of great scenery and messages as Queen and Slim spend more time together while on the run, they build a bond and fall in love and the ending had me crying especially when they say their final words to each other.


Robert Eggers is the most amazing and prolific filmmaker of our time. For too many years, we have been stepped in films that are nothing more than shallow cash –grabs with little more value than an annual country fair; as in most movies are expected, predictable.

Eggers films THE VVITCH and THE LIGHTHOUSE are films that don’t care what your home says or what your crazy relative posted on social media, they demand your attention, and give no quarter for those that dare look away. The lighthouse specifically invites the viewer to explore themes of isolation, learning things as a young person, and viewing things as an old or experienced person. Clashing between to extremes, this film takes us on a journey into the unknown and demonstrates just how small we are in the face of nature and our own hubris. A must watch the film with an overall outstanding feature.


Filming a movie is like painting a picture, you need to put time and effort into it and the people who worked on this film knew what they are doing.

The parasite is a South Korean Black Comedy Crime Thriller film directed by Boog Joon –ho also directed The Host (2006), Snowpiercer (2013), and Okja (2017). From a directing standpoint, this movie is gorgeous. The cinematography is extremely well done. It’s just stunning and so metaphorical. There are also sequences in this movie that will shake you and leave you on the edge of your seat.

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