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One of Nolan’s top three films, the movie is the best comeback of Christopher Nolan after Dunkirk. This movie like every movie from Christopher Nolan is amazing and beyond anyone’s imagination and fantasy.

The same as in Interstellar (2014) and Inception (2010) this movie is the kind where you have to listen to every single second and look out for the smallest details.

This movie is truly a great movie and maybe even the best movie from Christopher Nolan having a fantastic storyline that makes the audience sit on the edge of their seats for the entire movie. Tenet is equally as clever as confusing in a good way of course.

Tenet earns complete admiration for the effort and dedication on display here. An absolutely audacious, awe-inspiring film.

The imperfections of the plot, minor that they are are, simply reveal the immensely challenging concept Nolan tackles here, and he does so with clean, high budget finesse.

The plot revolves around 2 spies on a mission to prevent World war 3  which instead of nuclear weapons will be caused by a bullet that will reverse time.


The leads are great, especially Kenneth Branagh(the antagonist), who chews the scenery. John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki are all truly superb.

The concept of this film is super interesting. The ideas and imagination are thrilling.TENET is really to watch. The most awaited SCIENCE –FICTION has come and yet again  Nolan has not failed to put the magic provided by this film which is another milestone and a big milestone.

The movie’s idea is cool and though the movie holds a lot of expectation and excitement from the audience like, who wouldn’t be! Christopher Nolan directing, big-budget summer blockbuster, with a complex plot, awesome trailer, and a great cast. The action in the movie is really done well and does a lot of the spectacles. The movie presented a more compelling story.


A lot of potentials, nice story, perfect acting, and graphics but too much salt and the food is ruined. The sound effect is too much that the voice of the actors was barely audible.

The dialogue is near inaudible, although, it improves as you adapt to making a film about time converging is that it ultimately becomes very predictable because there are no surprises.

The story plotting even can sometimes feel so jumbled throughout the entire runtime making it intellectual and complex. Overall, the tenet is an amazing movie with big and sometimes fun action scenes, good acting, sound design and the look of the movie are all positive however it is not as much great as the hype promised to be.

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