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Jack Ryan or should I say, the new face of CIA. Jack Ryan is not a show unlike any on the internet or the tele. But here’s what it makes a compelling case for, it’s a show that doesn’t refrain from showing the human sides and the moral positions of the countries, characters, and people in question. One of the most interesting elements of the show os the narrative of the air pilot who has become a bombing drome operator. The layers on the character and the subtle walk in and outs around Jack’s story arc aren’t short of a masterpiece.


John Krasinski as Jack Rayn is very believable in a day and age when such black and white characters are very hard to be convincing, he does a compelling job. It’s the terrorist and The JIM GREER character who take the cake though Ali Suleiman, as Suleiman is a blessing to this show. He makes a very valid case for his actions.

JACK Ryan is one of the best television shows to come along in years. John Krasinski brilliantly portrays the titular character while Wendell Pierce brings amazing new layers to the character of Jim Greer.

The Outlook on SEASON 2

Instead of buying the rights of movies and series, it is really good to create a quality series like this one, with lesser-known actors. Season 2 still has the standard high as that of season 1. The background of Venezuela did not fir in the beginning, and Greer was with a heart condition in the very first episode. So, in the very first episode when we are hoping to see scenic Russian AND Ryan –Greer duo in action, we lose both. A bit disappointing. Also, actors like Arnold Vosloo and Noomi Rapace are completely wasted. It is hard to believe that Lisbeth Salander and Mummy can do such trivial roles.

But the story somewhere holds. And the high production standards compensate for and casting and other flaws. But not totally. Action is good but not sufficient like it was in Season 1. The biggest setback is that we realize that Greer is not fit for action from the first episode.

OVERALL, This outstanding show is action-packed, political drama, and plot twists. Solid cast and gripping villains, and the camera doesn’t always focus on the lead which is a very good and rare thing to find these days. Every character has a storyline equally astonishing.

The first fourth episodes of both the seasons re kind of slow to prepare you for the other four which feels like a big climax.

Totally binge-worthy and satisfying in every way you’ve imagined an action series to be.

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