Despite early suggestions within the show that it would simply scare you, The Haunting of Hill House slowly turns into a spellbinding masterpiece full of sorrow and longing. With some mesmerizing acting in particular from Carla Gugino as the mother of the Crain family, the series shows the tragic events played out in Hill House around 20 years prior and the stain they left behind. Every episode oozes emotion, Creating a bunch of characters. This is perhaps the greatest strength of the series, as every character is completely unique with strong and subtle thoughts, feelings, and actions.


This is not a story that revolves around jump scares with underdeveloped characters, it’s a great piece of writing and they put their maximum effort to pull this off. To put this simple this is a story about a family with 5 kids where their childhood experience of living in a Haunted House follows them to their adulthood with good enough mystery needs to be uncovered about their mother till the end.

The Monologues in the Show are so good and they even extend to make us go crazy with their repetitive nature, the cast is excellent(Both children and adults ), there are many episodes that really impresses the audience particularly 6 episode where they uncover some of the differences between the Family members and their argument are really intriguing.

The story finds its way through a timeline like raindrops falling haphazardly all around. It spends a few minutes at the Genesis of this tale when the protagonistic family is Young and still in the house, and after giving context to the present timeline it joins us among those whose existence is caught up to the clock, and who are not matured with varying degrees of long term issues that a true haunting in formative years would cause.

The way it weaves seamlessly through time and has all drops coalesce into one family ,that very often brings viewers to tears,is something to behold forn people who enjoy many various genres.

As someone who thinks Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are the two greatest shows of all the time, I could be overreacting by saying that Tha Haunting of Hill House is just under these two, But I’m PROBABLY NOT. This show is horrifying. The acting is superb, so far.

Horror is the hardest genre to pull off, and if any of the actings isn’t spot on, then the whole thing falls apart. If you liked the Conjuring then you should like this too. This show has a lot of emotional episodes with the actors fighting with one another, but the anger they have comes along with their guilt and fear, even after they are far away from the house. This is some of the best horror show ever. This show left a much more substantial psychological and emotional impact. The show at its core is about death, where we go, as our bodies decay, and what happens to our children as they grow older in an evil world. It is about the unknown, the undiscovered, and that is the most terrifying of them all.


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