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Finally an adaption of a book that isn’t plain, making you feel like you’re watching a show or a movie based on a book. The Handmaid’s Tale feels like reading a book. The series is incredible with outstanding acting. Hard to watch at times but everyone over the age of eighteen should watch this.

The tragedy is all of the horrors in Margaret Atwood’s futuristic story that has either taken or are still occurring in many parts of the world. This series is an eye-opener, Perhaps a timely warning that the West isn’t immune to the horrors Atwood makes it all easy to realize what could occur if we allow our freedoms and right to be gradually removed. She reminds us that change is slow, so slow and insidious that if often goes unnoticed until it is too late. She reminds us that even atrocities against humanity can, and currently are in many places, justified and accepted by many under the guise of ‘religion’ or some other ‘calling ‘ and that after a while these changes do become the new ‘normal’.


The scary thing in this fictional story has become more relevant and we can see changes happening. Season 1, tried to pace through season 2 and season 3 is Excellent. The characters are strong(especially June), the acting is superb and extremely realistic. The cast portrays their character roles so well that you may feel as you are standing in the room with them. The show is so brilliant, engrossing and so heart-wrenching. And the plot is something one could truly see happening in our world’s future.

The scary thing is this fictional story has become more relevant and we can see changes happening in the West; the gradual limits on freedom of speech, the media’s ability to make certain viewpoints socially unacceptable and influence the way the nation thinks, the ever-increasing rules and regulations, the growing ability to access our personal information and view our activity. Despite all the decades of fighting for women’s rights, we now have the acceptance of practices such as segregation and beliefs that are opposed to our core values of freedom, equality, and democracy. Add the fact that fertility rates in Europe and Western countries are declining and it makes Margaret Atwood’s fictional story seem all too possible if we continue to ignore the writing on the wall.


Every episode of this series is cool, funny brave, gut-wrenching, heartfelt, suspenseful moments! The set, production, the costume is brilliant and most of all the story with exquisite characters and the super brilliant cast is beyond words! Elizabeth moss(June) is like the makeup-free closely shot semi goddess who makes you feel everything. Max Minghella (nick) is the beam of sunshine in Gilead. The rest of the villains or bimodal characters are also terrific actors1 Just be ready to see gory and unimaginable stuff you have never seen!   

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