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Good Girls are surprisingly better than good, it’s actually great. I think it’s surprising because it’s on network TV. This is one of the best shows that aired in a long time. The more the storyline quickly along in the first 2 episodes, but then they settle into their story and it’s addicting. The 3 stars are all great actor and the chemistry is real. The writers know that we have seen tons of TV and the plot twists are entertaining, as well as the scripts which sound like girlfriends speaking to each other. There is something different about the show. It has comedy, drama, and a great love story. The acting is amazing, the script is impeccable and the chemistry between the actors jumps off the screen.

The show’s got a lot of crazy going, lots of twists and turns you wouldn’t expect to come and just slap you in the face. It’s action-packed, joke packed and all PACKED  to binge on the series for more than one time.

The show has a lot of moments; when it’s sad, you like, you actually cry. And when something great happens you feel like jumping up and down with them. Then the anxiety!The joy of this show making you feel all of these silly emotions. They keep the show interesting without making dramatic changes. It’s “Socially Acceptable”.It’s Hilarious yet knows how to make a dramatic scene, not so sad to where you don’t want to watch anymore. It never ends with a confusing ending it always has you ready for more.

The Glimpse on all Three Seasons

Season 1 and 2 were great but it can get a little predictable in season 3.What is to bothered here is how the girls seem to have gone from housewives/working moms to sociopath/psychopaths. They have done some terrible things but to show remorse for about five minutes and start smiling again as if nothing happened. While on the other hand, Season 1 was more simple and believable. It has everything –it is a compilation of good acting, a great script, and constant twists.

Season 2 is just as good, realistic, perfect, and power-packed as season 1 and has jaw-dropping scenes and episodes. The characters are realistic in regards to looks and personality. They have tons of chemistry. The actors are simply perfect, especially Marry Montana and Christina Hendricks. It’s the perfect way to wind down, and watch something interesting before the beginning of a new work week!

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