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Gamora, rightly tilted, THE DEADLIEST WOMAN IN THE WHOLE GALAXY, is one of the MCU characters. She was known as the only person who officially killed Thanos though it was an alternate reality. Gamora is much more than world classy accent. She is also a time traveler, a mother, a fashion icon, and a lover.


Gamora was the skinny queen of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was known for the potential to kill even Thanos.WHY?Well, thanks to being trained by Thanos himself, Gamora knows everything about the creation and killing of any weapon. The result was that she once even wielded the powerful weapon THE GODSLAYER SWORD. She still seems to be the strongest guardians and there is literally not a single time when anyone got the upper hand on her in melee combat through the three movies she’s been in. Only the scene where she meets Starlord in the one and he weirdly seems to have comparable strength than her, which is even for The MCU Gomara totally inaccurate.

In the comics, Gamora is the deadliest woman in the universe, she destroyed Tony Starks ego in bed, made him felt like a bed bug in the universe, and she doesn’t beg people, in the MCU  version, she was begging Star-Prince to take the power stone to the Nova Cop.


Being raised by Thanos, Gamora intended to create Gamora as a living weapon but after being the part of the Guardian of the Galaxy, she seeks redemption and decides to use her powers and capabilities for good. As a refresher, Gamora was sacrificed by Thanos in order to attain the Soul Stone but the version which was sacrificed was from the year 2018. She could play the main villain in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3


Zoe Saldana was phenomenal and always been my favorite guardians. She was green and yet one of the hottest and beautiful. Peter Quill (the Starlord) and Gamora had beautiful love chemistry. Gamora lost her home, her family, was tortured in the hands of Thanos, she was broken. Quill, on the other hand, lost his mother, lost Yondu and his father was a psychopath, he was broken. Gamora and Quill healed the scars of each other, but in the end, they both lost each other. Peter finding out that both his mother and Gamora, the most important women in his life, was killed by men who claimed they had no choice is heartbreaking

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