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DEADPOOL 3: What’s Happening With Deadpool 3?

With the confirmation of the official announcement, Deadpool 3 has been confirmed in December 2019. Now, there is still debate going on about the Deadpool 3 being the part of the MarvEL Cinematic Universe(MCU). Either way, the movie will eventually happen There has been evidence that the first time a Deadpool movie ould be produced under the Marven Banner.


Who’s going to be in Deadpool 3? Well, it is certain that Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role of Wade Wilson Deadpool 3.

The first two films, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were released as the extremely successful R-rated films. The film is rumored to involve another popular group in the X –Men mythos, X-Force. The plot of the movie would be the same as the two previous one i.e., Action, Comedy, and Science-fiction.

Deadpool might not be the part of the MCU but the superhero has become one of the most popular characters among comic fans.

Is Ryan Reynolds perfect for Deadpool 3?                    

I can’t imagine anyone else in Hollywood playing Deadpool but only Ryan Reynolds. He was born to play this character and he’s the only actor that I think of to do the character justice. Reynolds, as expected, did that, and that makes the character of Deadpool he’s own. He was terrific, has the mouth talking,ant-her bad-ass. This is Ryan Reynolds come back role after his past disasters roles that mostly involve Green Lantern and Origins Wolverine. Reynolds was just perfect for this character and he will do a great performance as he did in two previous movies. He delivered the comedic timing and somewhat of a hidden charm that Deadpool has. Ryan Reynolds absolutely nailed it and the expectation is further high in the third part too.

The Expectation from the PREVIOUS PART

The first thing to notice in the first part of the movie was how inventive storytelling is. The film throws you into the action from the first moment and then it goes back and forth in brilliant and unexpected ways to slowly unspool the story of this insane –but oddly charming antihero. Flashbacks and fast forwards can be annoying as hell, but when done right, they can help render even a somewhat simple story fresh and exciting.

The action itself is beautifully designed, employing playful visuals and using pretty much every camera technique available; it never feels repetitive and the pacing is close to perfection. But, and that was probably the key to people liking this movie so much.

THE DEADPOOL 3  official trailer date is still unknown but the other two successful parts grow immense expectations for the movie exciting the audience.

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