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An overall great thriller, Black Summer (2019) is an interesting, different, gaping, disjointed, overall worth watching series. The storyline jumps from protagonist to protagonist, the series starts in the middle of a zombie epidemic –families with somehow no weapons od defensive strategy are timing some sort of airstrike that signifies its safe to go out. They are desperately moving toward military checkpoints and extraction to safety. This is a Plausible scenario until you realize it’s only been 6 weeks and apparently, there are also no guns or gas left in American suburbs or towns. And that’s pretty much the last you see of the military until the end, deciding to go from ordered fear to apocalyptic chaos in like three days.


The zombies are fast having full mobility after being creamed by a truck, but otherwise don’t seem especially strong. They are almost always in manageable numbers and are killed with a headshot, ye the prevailing theme is –Run. They cannot get past fences, but somehow they can manage doors, their scary level is on 4- on appearance alone you could give them a 7, except for the fact that there isn’t a single funky animated corpse after 6 weeks, and no one seems to be able to kill them consistently.

The series compensated in a suspenseful moment and a palpable fear in the main actors-who despite some sub-par scripts score an 8. The protagonist’s storyline are fair and entertaining, somewhat believable, and intertwine in an original way, they have some major moments, but are redeemed by the addition of a non-English speaking /non-subtitled Korean woman who adds to the humanity and universal language of zombies.

It’s no Train to Busan or World War Z, but it has some tense moments. It has the feel of Walking Dead without the grit but also leaves out the boring WD drama.


Some episodes are quite scary and the tension is pretty efficient at pulling you into the scene.

The decision to kill off the fairly main character at any point does leave you uneasy as you never know when a new threat could kill off a character you may have come to like, and this in turn adds to the suspension.


Annoying Korean which lacks subtitles so through many scenes you‘re left to simply guess what is being said by the actress whose acting was fine up.

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